This is THE BEST Training Aid In The World! (My New FAVORITE Training Aid)

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Lama 67 says:

60 bucks for a piece of plastic??? What am I missing?

Nickyb 123 says:

Hope it's worth the 59 bucks i just ordered it. I have pretty good lag and decent wrist angles but I'm trying work on more now in my wrist for more consistency. This product would do great if it was around the 30 dollar area.

Imam Subhan says:

Can you do a putting video pls Eric? I know u hv done before but maybe u can do a new one taking into account the gems from Ben Crenshaw ie foot flared, right shoulder lower etc. Much appreciated coach!!?

Jamie Dugger says:

Isn’t a plastic hanger better for the cocking of the left wrist making the hook portion kind of even at left arm parallel?

Jason Crawford says:

I don't even worry about my wrists anymore. I'm cupped in the takeaway, cupped at the top but seem to flatten the lead wrist at impact. I feel like that happens naturally with the correct movement of the body. Anytime you try to flatten or bow your wrist at impact bad things are going to happen.

Sir Chadwick says:

Do you align the hanger with the club face or another angle?

Eec2021 says:

$60 dollars for a plastic stick? You guys are nuts.

Bruce Aderhold says:

Looks like it was a hot day…

Generalissimo Savon says:

Hmmm, $59 for .27 cents worth of plastic. Think ill operate on a plastic hanger and a screw/tape DIY thing. Like the idea though.

jhawkeye14 says:

Ordered based on your recommendation. The Structureball looked like something that could really help me as well so went with the bundle option. Maybe you could do a review on that product as well? Thanks for your daily commitment to this channel and your instruction. Love your content!

Antoine Thibault says:

Just ordered it with the discount! Your videos have really helped me with my ball striking over the last few weeks, and I think this aide/practice/drills will take it to the next level. Thanks Eric!

Jordan Criswell says:

I’ve been using this in every range session and it has helped me to hit more GIRs. Gonna start using it on the longer clubs to tighten the dispersion on them.

I did notice that when I used it without the club attachment that the end piece would smack my right finger and over time it bruised up and cut it.

Sir_Godz says:

what happened to the course vid ?

Shack says:

Just like you said in video got the discount. Looking forward to practicing with hangar.

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