This is THE ONLY SECRET to the Golf Swing (and it will change your game FOREVER)

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Once you know this the golf swing is easier and great ball striking happens. The secret to the golf swing is in the dirt. Once you know that, golf gets much easier. To be a great golfer your golf swing has to create these 3 things: consistent contact, power, and accuracy. Great ball striking happens when you build a swing around pieces that are proven to work.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my channel where you can learn how to play the best golf of your life. Whether you are an expert golfer looking for a quick swing tune-up or a beginner looking to play better. I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing coach is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My goal for you is to have the most fun of your life playing golf. You'll be hitting farther, straighter, and playing better golf by watching these videos. What are you waiting for, let's get started!


SagutoGolf says:

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Russ Quick says:

Hi Tom- Good reminder watching your swing to keep left arm reasonably straight with upper right arm close to body at top of your swing. Good stuff. Begood-Russ

Mobile Home Heros says:

Man that's some jumbo size grips brah…

David Paternostro says:

There going to be writing books and bulding statues of Tom Saguto at golf courses one day. Guys buy into the system its truly the only way to learn golf. I hit 6 irons with ease 170 dead straight and with no thoughts at all either. Its amazing showing up to the course and you know how your round is going to go.

Jorge Bertran says:

What size grips do you use? They look like oversize

Dan Cook says:

I so badly want to commit to this swing but when I try it I feel like I’m all arms when I keep my weight forward. I’m going to try a feel of swinging with my shoulders more maybe this will solve it.

Kyle PinkHam says:

What are the benefits of using those jumbo grips?

Dale Richardson says:

Mate, your advice got me to shoot 10 over first try, only reason I was 10 over was because of the short game, I duffed no shots at all! So much love for you right now bro, cheers for that

Richard Jacobs says:

You are correct! This swing works, I am using it now! Thanks Tom

Kenneth Neward says:

Love your direct style and common (golf) sense instruction.

doefde says:

Usually I swing steep in to out but with a 3* upright lie 🤮
The flat swing plane feels incredible. Shots are so pure I was shocked. Flat lie angle! Though, it results in a 10* in to out with a closed club face. Big push draws. Concerned about consistency.

utshoez says:

One big problem I had was shoulder alignment. If you don't know what you are doing wrong, then get someone to take a look at you and identify the problem. Don't just guess at a fix.

Choco says:

Even with these "tips" its dead end. 🩹🩹🩹🩹golf patches instruction

Paul Baker says:

I started watching 2 weeks ago and my game has completely changed. Crispy KFC almost every shot! Broke 85 for the first time. Thanks Tom!

Stephen’s AstroBalcony says:

Watched this video on Thursday night. Played 18 on Friday. Front nine was just missing the GIR.(+8). Back nine, something clicked hit 6 GIR (+1) and just missed a birdie that would have had me even on the back. Now just have to get rid of the pull that creeps into my driver. Third round of the year.

peter BARRY says:

I must say, I have been struggling with my irons for a long time. Watch your shorts and it's changed my game forever!!! like glue baby… MUCH LOVE!!!

attila luchini says:

Bravo Tom, codivido in toto.

Wayne Park says:

Thanks for your video. Just wondering how you generate power if you are not using either arms and wrists or gravity to help increase the clubhead speed.

Robert Cataldo says:

The hair is perfect!

Bryce Genson says:

Hey Tom thanks for the tips. Did the elbow pits out technique and noticed myself hitting some crispy shots in the simulator. Can’t wait to get out on the range and practice more.

JOÃO Herdade says:

It works. The weight on the left legg, left arm straight and turn you shoulder pointing at the ball. Just had the best driving range session using your great tips. besides gaining extra yards. It just works. Thank you very much!

Mike says:

Hey great info how about some drills for that swing regards Mike

David Tomaric says:

Hey Tom – the new swing is off to a great start. Hitting some very pure shots with all clubs…almost no fat shots. The distance that I thought I lost due to age is back…I'm about 8 yards longer with each iron than I was a year ago. Looking forward to my best golf ever… Thanks for all of the great lessons!!

Steve Young says:

Been trying to use your techniques which make total sense to me. But i’m producing worm burners constantly. Today I hit a 150yd 8 iron that rolled all the way to the green. Ugly golf. Suggestion?

Tommy Eden says:

Yeah I never got that "close your eyes" stuff. I heard Sir Nick Faldo say that once, "Just visualize what you want to do and do it" and I am like ok, yeah I see it, but what am I looking at? I really like your idea about parameters of the swing. Like in the back swing, if you understand it's purpose, here is what you can and what you cannot do and then your job is to adjust your swing into those parameters where if feels right.

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