This is the PERFECT SWING PLANE when hitting a DRIVER!

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In this video we'll explain the perfect swing plane for a driver swing so you can hit the big stick consistent and far. If your swing plane is too steep, you might hit a slice. If your swing plane is too flat, you can't reach to the ball and you might hit the ground.


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► Filmed on location at Ternesse Golf & Country Club

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We Play Golf are:
– Tom Blanckaert (PGA Professional)
– Quentin van Soldt (Producer)


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We play golf says:

How are your drives? Need any help? Let me know!

Jacob R says:

Would this recquire a RADIAL/ULNAR wrist load? Yet when you hit a hit a wedge it's more EXTENSION/FLEXION sort of feel in relation to the plane?

timothy b says:

I suck hitting my driver. I have hit no less then 1000 driver shots on the range this year and I fricking stink. I’ll give this a try and if it don’t work, time to take up a new hobby .

Mark says:

Unbelievably helpful thanks 😊

M R says:

I soooo needed this! Thank-you.

Richard Ren says:

Justin Thomas' is 65 degrees lol

Craig Stewart says:

Instead of trying to determine 45 degrees at the hip level and behind the head why not concentrate on maintaining your shoulder tilt angle throughout the swing while making a full backswing? Your thoughts please. Thanks

Erik Postelmans says:

First of all I wish you a Happy Newyear, Tom. Secondly, I am one of those tall Dutchmen of 1.93 🙂 , angle changes to 55 degrees?

Mel Sili says:

I'd like to see a video on what to check when you feel off before your swing? Like it seems same set up, but just doesn't seem right? I don't know if anyone else has that happen.

Chris L says:

is there an angle to remember for the irons or all they all different?

Eric T says:

Great video. Like all videos. I like your teaching very much. please keep producing such good content.

Alan B says:

Tom is this only for the Driver? Would the plane be a little steeper for fairway woods? Thanks.

Michael Sherry says:

45, the magic number, keep the videos coming Tom, always good contact and amateur friendly, 👍

John Schwartz says:

Excellent explanation on the driver swing plan Tom! I'll definitely put this thought into my subconscious for total recall while using this club. Always learn something from watching your videos! Good Luck on reaching the next plateau with your subscribers!!!

sand_box_warrior 101st says:

Thank you for all the tips & lessons you offer 👍 I've also sent your link to my family golfers 🙏

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