This Is Why Your Biceps Are Lagging | 3 Bicep Exercises You Need To Try

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Joshua Makinson says:

"Humble Yourself" — Man I love that part Brother.

DTdiamonds13 says:

Lol man I love this guy!!Chris you 1 sweet MF!

Aleksandar Jakovski says:

Good tips…But you should be working on your vocabulary as well, not just the body. I mean it's fuck and shit all the time…Improve your channel.

ocasals says:

Swole Kenan Thompson knows his stuff. ?

ocasals says:

Tried the three bicep exercises today. Did with good form and not only was it a good pump but the vascularity in the arms and shoulders ,upper pecs were popping.

Evron grant says:


Crash Monkeyz says:

No need for a workout partner when you got videos like this. Let's fuckin goooo

Lordslade1 says:

This ya boy from the future….work on your pull-out game bra…its lagging

Postmoderner Kindergärtner says:

Should i alternate between those everytime i go to the gym or rather doing all 3 the same day? Great information

Banjo Jo says:

I don't train biceps much. ;D

Triceps are more prefered.

Johnny D says:

Where you get your test bro?

Broken Sword says:

After years of studying Chris… "BAM" ?? is the secret to getting jacked.

Random Royce says:

Great info! Finally someone who shows multiple camera angles on exercises!! Gotta grease that cable row machine though.

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