This isn’t a golf video

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Clive Thompson says:

Hope all is ok with you and your loved ones Rob. I'll try to stick around as I enjoyed your blogs have a great xmas

David Anderson says:

Loved the scratch stuff Rob, watched from the start. Won’t be unsubscribing though, looking forward to your new stuff. It’s all about doing what is right for you.

Alan Waterworth says:

Hey Rob, sorry to hear you´re taking a break from Golf, but understandable. I stopped playing golf for about 10 years after getting divorced as my game went down the toilet (along with many other things in my life) but since then, I moved countries, started a new life, and despite many set back and hardships (not that hard really) have got back on top. I´m enjoying golf now (well not right now as it´s -6c outside and snowing) and I´m still crap, but I don´t really care. Hope the reshuffle goes well anyway and will be sticking around to watch the new content, always liked your dry humour 🙂 cheers!

Jack O'Connor says:

Thanks for the videos, really enjoyed watching them. All the best for the future too, top man!

ali o'keeffe says:

How about an in depth review of the Full tone OCD 2 overdrive pedal… Better than the original? We all have other interests and shall look forward to your new videos. Cheers for the adventure

Steve S says:

Hope all sorts itself out – life is never simple, especially if you put yourself out there. Good luck and positive thoughts for the future.

Paul Cullen says:

Hi Rob, sorry to hear you got some bad news. There are far more important things than golf and when life gives you a kick in the balls it sure puts a lot in perspective as I have learned myself this year. I will miss scratch golf, but I’m really looking forward to your new content. All the best mate.

David Croft says:

Clicked off after 2 mins

Mark Bennett says:

Hi Rob, really sorry to hear that the golf videos are a gonner and that you enjoy video's more than you enjoy golf, as it's a game I love…having said that I have gone away from the game and come back several ties so I get it.
I'm really looking forward to the new content and as long as you use your unique voice and the humour you bring to vlogging then i'm sure they'll be great.
Good luck buddy.

WirableWig says:

You love making videos and we love watching them. Keep it up ??❤️

Brendan Coughlan says:

you'll be better next time you play golf for the break you've had

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