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Since we had an early tee time at The Olympic Club we decided to play another 9 on the famous par 3 course. This was easily the best par 3 course I've ever played. Greens were perfect and the wind was strong!

Domino – Simon Gribbe
Losing By Default – Andreas Jamsheree
Ashes – Johan Borjesson
Jorm – It's All Good

This golf trip was organized by Golf Trip Junkie – Let them know Golfholics sent you and Sean will take great care of you.

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Golfholics says:

rm1133 you're the winner of the TP5's from 2 videos ago. Email me your address at so we can send them out.
Be sure to join us tomorrow at 1pm PST for our weekly live stream! You can also get our hats right here –

Daniel Park says:

10:29 – The moment Marko realizes he should try to minimize his losses rather than go for a win

Mdmchannel says:

I drive by there every day to work. They should make the Cliffs a public course. Try the Fleming 9 inside Harding Park by Lake Merced.

James Dungca says:

I know this was over a year ago, but has anybody as eked how regular golfaholics can play this course…is it a secret?

ivR bone says:

looks like you guys need to practice your putting SUPER BAD!!!

Bob Cobb says:

Amazing quality and what a beautiful course

Huff says:

Mike on the four call had me dying!! Dude dipped for cover lol I love this guy!

Paul B says:

Best golf videos. Thanks guys.

Elusion 20KILLZ says:

You guys are great at golf. Love the outakes at the end. Maybe you could play teal bend out here in Sacrement?

lucas pieruccini says:

How much did that par three course cost??

Billy DeGroot says:

The cliffs course is the best par 3 course in California if not America and if not that then the world

Joe whallon says:

How did you guys get to play that course?!?!?

Steve Smith says:

Get with Rick Shields in the future for a 4ball match play. It would be awesome…

Stephen Pruszenski says:

The camera work was great. No problem.

Stephen Pruszenski says:

The main Olympic Club course is, without question, my favorite course of any that you've played so far on your site.

bodyemcal says:

gh5 has way better focusing than the leica u guys used before

flubsterunited says:

Hi guys, great content, needs s little more zoom action to see ball landing for me though. Courses really look good in the USA though!

Tich says:

Hi guys, excellent VLOG as always. One thing I would like to see is better zoom in on your shots so we can see where they go. Not sure if this is possible due to the equipment you have. Keep up the good work. Are you coming to the UK at all?

We Plants Are Happy Plants says:

love your videos, would love some dynamic zooms when you hit the shots! surely you can zoom closer than you usually do. but either way, great stuff

Kevin Burdick says:

great video! do you guys have plans to play Bethpage Black anytime in the near future?? Love your content.

Jamon Gurnick says:

Great picture with the new cameras! The clarity is awesome!
I Always enjoy your blogs. Keep up the great work!

Sam says:

These guys need putting lessons lol

TripleAstyle1 A says:

It took me a few of your videos before I realized this isn't Brooks Koepka and his Caddy practicing.   haha   Great videos fellas!

Jeffrey Kato says:

The moment where the starter at Pebble has to tell you the greens were punched that day! Poor guy definitely looked stressed. Haha.

SCNJTS says:

Mike definitely wins the 20 for the zooming contest 😛
Jealous of the trip you went on! Any more videos left from it?

Tom Dargle says:

Man, that escalated!! Fiveski -> 20 ->50!!! Mike doesnt need a second job, he can just retire and keep winning these bets

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