This Shocked Me!! Wet Ball Testing Ping i500 Iron VS Titleist T200 Iron

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I test the ping hyde-earl finish on the i500 iron against the titleist t200 iron to see if there is any difference in the spin. The results completely stunned me!!

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ANY1aBLUE says:

Thanks for that review – but I’m still confused. You’ve said you were shocked by the results and told us the various number results but didn’t clarify what difference it would make to average golfer on the course? M looking too buy one of these but I’m still unsure what if any difference the test makes to my game. Please clarify. Thanks.

Luis Ramirez says:

I see you rolled the ball from the area you used to get it wet to the hitting area. That effectively removes water from the surface of the ball producing inconsistencies in the test. Maybe a spray bottle and getting it wet at the hitting area would give more consistencies from the test standpoint (not necessarily the results).

Gregg Daniels says:

Dispersion was ??

MJ Kim says:

Interesting. You could have used a water spray to wet the balls consistently.

Antti says:

Striking slightly more on the heel side with titleist on the 2nd run could explain the results.

Dean Ashton says:

I don't think this was a fair test as you can see the i500 is quite worn out and the Titleist club is brand new!!!

Kyle H says:

Great vid Mike. I wonder if those results are a function of (lesser) loft, like you said. Would love to see this same test out on the golf course with some close ups as the ball lands on the green with both the wedge and 7 iron. Yeah?? 🙂 🙂

Sean Strehl says:

Nice job copying the same test TXG did…you’re a joke

Justin Stephenson says:

That was not the result I expected. I would want this tested more and in 2 ways preferably with a robot to remove the human variability from swing and strike . Firstly there needs to be a lot more shots hit to test how often do you get the flier ball, is it 2 out of 5 shots or were you just unlucky and the average %age of fliers is much lower (2 out of 5 is a problem on course, 2 out 20 is probably not). Second each club from LW down to 3i needs to be tested to see where the spin rate inflexion points are.

Then we need a real scientist to explain why because the test result is so counter-intuitive

Quent MAURICE says:

Not sure if this really proves or disproves anything ! ..Will the next test be on water ?… Evian verses Tap water vs Perrier ???

Bandit Baker says:

Those results defy logic. When you apply water to a surface it reduces friction (grip), so the wet T200 should spin less, not more than when it was dry. If those Spin numbers are correct some other factor must be happening.
Two thoughts, the T200 is a new sample so the grooves are going to be sharper than the i500 which is probably an older sample and those grooves are less sharp. Alternatively, it may have something to do with the loft and or the angle of attack affecting the water retention on the clubface. But how/why the spin is increasing is baffling!
We may need to refer this to a higher authority and ask Ian Fraser at TXG after all it was Ian that did the original tests with the Glide 3 Wedges.

Kellen M says:

Really liked this test. Glad you were able to get this test out as I was curious on this exact question. The increase on the T200 really surprised me too. Do you think it is due to the way the ball slides up the face differently at that loft vs a wedge loft? Maybe sliding up the face at that loft generates more spin while the hydropearl prevents that slide keeping spin the same? I don’t know the answer just trying to understand/guess the physics behind these results

Now the last unanswered question on this topic is how long does the hydropearl finish last on those wedges.

Chester says:

I too am really confused! I have always made sure to dry my club if it was wet. So now I should carry a spray bottle to wet my club to get more spin??? I don't see how this would be against the rules of golf as I can currently dry my club, so should be able to wet it if I wish.

Mungo 1967 says:

There was no major difference in distance for either club- both gave consistent results

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