This SIMPLE DRILL Will Help You Develop a Perfect Swing FAST!

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In this video, Steve shows you a simple exercise you can do at home that will help you groove the feel of a powerful on plane golf swing.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, driver distance, smash factor, improve swing plane, and have more FUN!
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Tom Smith says:

Honestly you are the greatest instructor ever!!! I so hope you prosper well from all your great videos. And when you get to Scottsdale or Belleair (Tampa Bay) – let us know!

dennis obrycki says:

"Read a book"?
Must be "4 Pillars of Long Drives" or "50 Tips for Hitting your Long Drives Straight" !
I have both and highly recommend.

Jason Miller says:

Working man here! Iā€™m always looking for ways/exercises to incorporate in-between work schedule. Thank you kind sir

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