This SIMPLE TIP Will Help You Strike the Ball More Consistently!

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In this video, Steve demonstrates how adding a little shoulder tilt in the takeaway of the golf swing will help you strike the ball more accurately and consistently.

Follow these tips and drills to increase clubhead speed, smash factor, driver distance, improve your swing plane, and have more FUN!
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Rolf Reichert says:

Great explanation of how to start the BS with the shoulders on plane. My technique is left shoulder to ball initiated with the upper body and right shoulder to ball initiated with the lower body, because if you get the right shoulder on the DS to the ball with the upper body you will come over the top. So lower body is key on the DS.This is at least the feel I have even if the shoulders don't point to the ball a 100% all the time, it is still a good guide to get your shoulders moving reasonably on plane. On another vid you emphasized practice, practice practice even without hitting a ball and I totally agree. As the saying goes, "The Amateur practises till he gets it right, and the Professional practise till he cant get it wrong." 
Thanks Steve for your wonderful golf instructions, keep the Vids coming. 
BTW, where is you golf school located? Thx.

Under Par says:

I battled a flat swing for years and just recently learned this.
This info is gold!

Kennyc says:

Mike's compound pivot in action.

Bob K. says:

LEFT side bend.

Tom Howarth says:

Great video. I am working on this currently. I am fortunate to have a GC Quad at home. I am way too inside to out. Trying to get to 1-2 degrees from 7-8 degrees. Lots of work.

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