This Tiger Woods recovery at PGA Champ leads to crowd-rocking birdie

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Tiger Woods has struggled off the fairway through 9 holes but his irons, wedges and putter have been hot. He escapes from the left side of the rough through a gallery to make birdie, and get to -3 for the day. is the official website and YouTube page of the PGA of America and has exclusive, original video around golf instruction and golf equipment, as well as PGA Championship, Ryder Cup and Senior PGA Championship highlights.


Eric Dewayne says:

His caddie needs to stay still.. At 0:14 he moves his arm right before tiger hits the ball

Lakeshore Group says:

OMG Love that turn through the ball. The combo of balance and power.

mark jeffers says:

Great to see tiger back such a talent and I believe there is still majors there for him to win and that would be the comeback of all comebacks for sure tho I think Jack's 18 total is probably safe forever IMHO

Tyson Beebe says:

Remember when Speith said he was the best golfer ever lol

Christopher Blaskovich says:

love the fact that when he hit the tee shot…. rather than being pissed about his shot, he immediately goes to Joey and ask, "Hey! I need a new shirt," before proceeding to make two hella noisemaker shots. 0:05

HateGovernment says:

An iron off the tee and he still misses the fairway. Do you really want to be known for your recovery shots?

Nolan Herbst says:

Being there in person watching him was insane. It was like he was the only player on the course.

Michael Norman says:

Is there any footage of the drop? From where that ball came to rest it appeared that he might have to play it from the path. It looked like it stopped in the middle of the path on TV.

Robert Cornelius says:

Hey, weekend wanna-be golfers. This may be the best Tiger ever gets. Period.

TheYooToob2000 says:

Sooo…is he back?

gdc615 says:

Its simple. If he's not playing then im not watching

Drew Hendley says:

Good to have him back ⛳️

MrTkeddo says:

Wow what a pure strike the sound is amazing .

Don Carbon says:

fuck this wank and all of his asshole disciples

Ronagery says:

The magic is back !

Richard Toss says:

Twist face my ass. He couldn't get off the tee for shit. TM's gimmick isn't helping Eldrick, that's for sure.

Joe Tan says:

Insane birdie.

Bagus Prangsubakat says:

Master of golf tigerr.. Please come to Indonesia

Brian Rapp says:

#1 LOVEING. TRUMP NEW TIGER. canyonlocalfilmscom

golfprochen says:

That's the Tiger I remembered!

Eric Moralez says:

I really do think 2019 is the year he not only will win a tour tournament, but another Major Championship. Most of these younger players might be able to hit it a mile nowadays, but not many can pull a rabbit out the hat in tough situations like Tiger can. Granted he’s had to lately because his long game has failed and put him in those scenarios quite a bit, but once he cleans that up, WATCH OUT!

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