This Was Hard.

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This course was 7500 yards, what a test. Thanks again to BlueJack National for having me out.

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Grant Horvat Golf says:

The tiger tees came out to 7500 yards, what a challenge. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the new graphics!

Chris Snape says:

I should mention great tracer and then ball mark. Also you seem to get along well with your girl

Chris Snape says:

Everything shouts Augusta very cool good playing

Tjjjjjjjjj says:

Loving the content Grant. I recently read a good book called ‘Putting out of your mind’ by Bob Rotella. If you haven’t read it I think it could really help you get your putting dialled in and shake off all of those comments about lip outs!

Xeno says:

Awesome video Grant! If the GG boys want a challenge, you should come do the RTJ golf trail in Alabama. There are a bunch of nice courses and you can finish on the mack daddy of them all. RTJ Ross Bridge, 8100+ yards from the tips. A buddy of mine is the current course record holder with a 69! Its no Blue Jack, but itll give you all you want!

Scott Harbert says:

Production is incredible! Really makes it a joy to watch. Props to the editors

Quinn Haze says:

COngrats on your engagement G. You've got a good one, shes getting better at her camera skills too.

Henry Fogel says:

Great video and even better production quality and editing❤!

BuckBuc 1999 says:

Respect to ur camera woman for trying but let her know not to quit her real job.. lol jk

Harvey Taylor says:

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Shawn Fodge says:

Grant found the one for him, and now he can't find a fairway….never seen him so poor off the tees…also, why do you and Garrett snap your fingers when you miss a putt??

Brett Rychlock says:

When’s the proposal video

Justin Lemon says:

I love your solo content, but it’s hard to play your best. I am a firm believer that you need another player out there to play your best golf. You and Garett play at another level together.

Chills33 says:

A mile is 1760 yards, just saying.

paul_hartsel24 says:

what program do you use for the ball track and ball bounce?

Get ovr yourslf says:

First… you need a new camera. The squeaky sounds when she zooms is killing us. And I think Sadie needs to try aiming the camera lens at the ball instead of looking thru the camera and trying to follow the ball on the tee box because she's missing the ball a bit often. But doing a great job as a partner to Grant. Yea aim the camera at the ball in flight then look thru thru lens to capture it.

Mike Cunha says:

Nice playing grant.

Al_Royal_ 33 says:

Love your content grant keep on grinding and fighting for par

Sack Don’t Lack says:

You should come out to Ross Bridge in Birmingham! Not too far from Pursell Farms. 8200 yds from the tips

Wafflevalley says:

r any of you from good good have a home course to play in a club championship. would love to see u guys win a club .

Uteelo says:

please get someone who can follow the ball -.-

Blake Lane says:

You got screwed on 10 that easily could have dropped for you it's going to happen soon you get so close almost every video

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