THIS was the MOMENT! FSX Skills Challenge + Sunningdale Foresomes with the Tour Pros!

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Quest for the Open – Episode Nine – Series Three – THIS was the MOMENT! FSX Skills Challenge + Sunningdale Foresomes with the Tour Pros! In this video I look at my most recent FSX Skills challenge and the Sunningdale Foresomes competition

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Andy Beel says:

Top spot is definitely there for you buddy…. and on another day, by a good margin ??️⛳️

Kyle Frye says:

I can’t wait for the what’s in the bag video, to see which clubs and shaft combo worked best for you. Keep up the good work and good luck as the spring progresses and the comps pick up.

Thibaut says:

Great Vid Pete. Did you ever consider to work with a mental coach ? Should not be only for tour pro isn't it ?

Andy Wood says:

Great video Pete, no shame in getting beat by a tour Pro. So close on the fsx challenge. Did you get twitchy on the last 2 shots knowing that you were so close. Looking forward to hearing about the sky sports stuff

Esteban Schreck says:

Not really…look at Jim Furyk…good at every aspect but not great at any…he just stays calm and plays on

Charles Rogers Golf says:

U used to have a silky smooth swing before u fudged it up with that coach of urs. Np hate as like ya just get back to the old pete swing before weirdo fraud dan whitiker came in.

Neal Sokay says:

What app do you use for golf course weather?

Jeremy Stafford says:

Obviously means a lot to you , chin up move on . Great video

Dane Mari says:

But Pete u where going do well. I thought u had it. Get'em next time

William Parke says:

Unlucky pete mate with the challenge. You'll get the. ❤️

Eddy Brand says:

Would hate it if Rick just came along and busted your record but can't see it some how. Good luck Pete and remember 'be the ball'

Branden Stich says:

Live the videos Pete. Could you tell me what kind of Adidas Grey hat you are wearing? Looking to purchase one. Thanks

Jack Rudge says:

Can we have the what’s in the bag now please

dean armstrong says:

What on actual F was that at the end… Surely this has to be ranked up there with the biggest chokes in golf ??? I could hear your brain saying only 5 points to go, only 5 points to go ??? and your hands saying crickey only 5 points to go ?????? seriously unlucky

Mike Forget says:

Dont be a jack of all trades and a master of none

Oliver Newby says:

Pete, You seem to be striking the ball a lot better now that you've moved away from one lengths. Is there a noticable different on your side and do you feel at your level maybe the one length were a bit prohibiting?

Phil Shaw says:

Excellent Pete

Bryce Klockenga says:


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