Throw the Clubhead Around a Pendulum!

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In this lesson, legendary golf teacher Mike Austin shows champion long driver Mike Dunaway how and when to release the clubhead with good tempo.

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Jim Law says:

move the pivot and cast all day = good

Stefan Coetzee says:

Thanks for this, but sheesh… who took the video? Sometimes Mike is talking and showing stuff and the camera is nowhere near him, e.g. 02:14

seth1455 says:

I could watch Mike Dunaway hit balls all day….. poetry in motion.

초짜프로(82년생 KPGA도전기) says:

WOW great video~ Thanks~~

1Seabass1 says:

This is gold. I wasted so much time trying to drag lag into the ball when this made more sense naturally. ??‍♂️

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