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My Name is Jak Lee, I am a PGA Professional golfer/ coach based in Doncaster, currently working at Kingswood Golf Centre. I offer friendly free advice with the aim to educate and inform golfers on a wider basis, but more importantly have a laugh in the process! You can find me on all my social media platforms below:


Facebook – JakLeeGolf

Twitter – @Jaklee11

Instagram @Jaklee

For lessons and enquiries contact me via email at jaklee95@gmail.com
01405 741343


Momma Knows Bestest🧧 says:

Learning golf now.

Tyler Cady says:

See, everything you said about PXG is spot on, but now that they have very affordable (in golf terms at least) clubs that are close to being just as good as the more expensive ranges, I'd say they move into very good at least. Especially when the 0211 irons are down to $79 US per club, $550 for a full set 4-PW

W R says:

TM should not be God tier.

Phillip Stewart says:

Wilson are under-rated

Submaster plays 123 says:

Where is ram?!😆

Squackton Jaifincks says:

Oops just bought a pxg

Edwin Force says:

ha ha" love the terminology" funny:-)

T T says:

I've only ever seen Dunlop, Wilsons and Slazenger brands.

David Ji says:

Every time when I think about Cleveland, I think of Cleveland Brown

Mark Wright says:

Dunlop owns Cleveland

Christopher Franklin says:

Click on that gurning idiot Shrek?No thanks Jak!Inevitably any equipment comparisons will be biased but I feel that your research has not been good,Srixon (Sumitomo Rubber Industries) are the owners of XX10 and Cleveland,their irons are premium quality and they offer blades,player cavity and cavity back to cover the entire handicap range,drivers,fairways and hybrids are equally top drawer and the wedge department is covered by Cleveland which are as good as Vokey and Callaway,the golf balls are fantastic for options and value for money,you should give the brand more credit.
Callaway,TM and Titleist are all much the same,all mass produced in China,medium quality and hugely over priced.
Ping may not have made a bad golf club but they made a lot of very similar,middle of the road ones,think of all those G model irons that differ very little and offer almost no gain in performance for a 'new' model.
Wilson Staff is the golf shop brand while Wilson is the sporting goods store brand,two different entities,Wilson Staff clubs are premium quality.
This is all a matter of perception which is affected by marketing and product exposure,people buy into brands because of branding affiliation or association,Rory fanboys will have TM clubs and wear Nike clothing,does that help them play better golf?
You know the answer …
Now go and find some Srixon irons to test and report on …. and let's do it now!

Seve Sellors says:

Srixon own Cleveland and XXIO. Cleveland clubs for mid to high handicappers are brilliant, HB turbo Launchers only five star iron for forgiveness.
Woods great too.

Gary Wye says:

I've took it seriously. Dec 12th I know who I'm voting for 👍

Justin Ives says:

i210 wasn’t as good as the i200

Carter-Smith Golf says:

Nice watch mate. Enjoyed that. 👍👍

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