Tiger Practicing Ryder Cup 2012 HD

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Tiger Woods hitting balls the evening before the start of the Ryder Cup at Medinah. He was practicing fading, and faded 90% of these balls….. lots of drivers and 3-woods here. Some swings are blocked, keep watching, lots of them are clear.

filmed at 720p and 60fps

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Slow Motion Golf Swing Video


Craig says:

Not enough background noise at this venue is there! Planes/trains/sirens,
where is this golf course, next to the M25?

Rektspresso says:

His position at the top of the swing here actually looks very similar to
jason dufner here except a little bit longer

Denis Slatomatic says:

It’s amazing how much shoulder turn the pros can get in the follow through;
how so many of them have such awesome flexibility of all their joints.

Ian Vranek says:

I got obe of his tees he practiced with before day 1 at medinah in 2012 .
He gave it to me

TheBUCKNASTY101 says:

Foley is very intrusive

Richard Lee says:

7:00 he knows where his tee lands without ever taking his eyes off his

Daniel Eason says:

I wonder how many GB of T’s swing foley has

Ernest Crosby says:

Get out of the way!

wbl2012 says:

Ummm how about filming the ball flight next time? Much more interesting
than this homo erotic tiger/foley crap you other johnies seem interested

Dominic Narramore says:

Jamie, I haven’t heard such rubbish in a long time, tiger even admits he’s
never hit the ball better, and has never understood his game to the extent
he does now, his major performance of late has nothing to do with the
“swing Sean has given him”.. It’s about tiger rediscovering what it was
that set him apart from the ROW pre 2010! Sean has done nothing but improve
Tiger. He’s just had an awesome year! Give him and his team some credit!
When you win a major and are as close to Sam Sneads all time record by age
38, you may comment on such a matter with experience, not blind opinion!

tweetweettiger says:

fyi that guy standing in the view of tiger is Sean Foley.

김상연 says:

respect u

RyanP says:

He tees the balls up pretty low. Then again, I suck.

shredx81 says:

Ball shaping is totally down to inside-out/outside-in swing plane & set up.
If a table tennis player performs an inside to out top spin strike of the
ball, the ball will go left no matter where the ball touches his paddle &
vice versa. I actually tee my driver up lower to get more consistency out
the middle of the club face. I guarantee most amateurs who tee the ball
high aren’t naturally hitting a high draw. They are ballooning it up &

LoaforDie says:

sean foley, good coach.

tom walkear says:

The grass is so pure

Aviationlover100 says:

Watched every second of it!! Loved it! nice to see Tiger warming up!

bpm9595 says:

BS hoe Love III lost this cup by picking Furyk over Mahan!

Robin Wingardh says:

When Tiger first started working with Foley I admit I thought it was going
to be horrible, like a complete stack and tilt. I have to say I’v had to
eat my words. His swing looks so solid and easily repeatable when I watch
it now, all the angles are great and he obviously hits it straighter off
the tee considering his driving accuracy now.

Kate Johnson says:

Reall? Oh dear….

MrTsurb says:

I wonder what Mr. Foley did since he had players he coached on both teams.
Also, I think it would be awesome if they set up one of those shot trackers
on the driving range

lukaszepesi says:

Maybe he’s a fan of the denver broncos 😉

james presely says:


maecknyc says:

This guy in the lower part of this video sucks ..

Sean Hazen says:

The US team were wearing Ralph Lauren RLX gear that week. Davis Love III is
sponsored by RL.

Skatesn Breaks says:


Christian Guerzon says:

Footage is freakin amazing!!!!! Great visual for both the beginning golfer
and the advanced golfer trying to break through to the plus handicaps

prorobo says:

Who does this guy think he is with all his bros standing around watching
him, Tiger Woods or something?

Piney says:

Is he trying to make the fade his natural ball flight? Or just working on

Piney says:

How big were the fades and how high/low was he hitting them? I curious as
to what exactly Tiger’s new ball flight is. Because when I saw him at the
BMW his trajectory was a great deal lower than I had expected.

Alex Smythe says:

this is random but is that jacket Nike? It looks like RLX

LoaforDie says:

great tempo

Christopher James says:

Terry I love you! Thanks for getting and putting all of these cool vids on
youtube all the time 😀

NikHubbardGolf says:

Check out my golf swings on my channel!

Terry Rowles says:

mostly fades, occasional pull

max palmer says:

how big a fade was he hitting may i ask?

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