Tiger, Rory & Team TaylorMade Hit SIM Driver for the First Time | TaylorMade

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Sm P says:

한국어 자막으로 하나 만들어주세요

Baked_SofaSpud says:

loved all Day's comments and sounds at the end lol

Daniel Castresana says:

Rory makes me want to jump off a bridge how crigeworthy his acting is.

Dave T says:

"ya ha" – Dustin Johnson

South African that plays cricket says:

Tiger can't be less bothered, that's why he's my favourite

김정오 says:

I don like taylormade but marketing is so good. I wanna buy it

Paul Edmondson says:

" whats it like forgiveness wise " ffs like the best players in the world cant hit the sweet spot on todays bucket drivers. What are these fuckers after, majors or baftas? Money money money, lets grow the game and make MORE money.

j p says:

The oscars need to be looking at these acting performances

新堂光慧 says:


Whitemanfromtowne T says:

I just clicked on to see Tiger.

Ian Ford says:

0:05 Jokes abound and then there is Tiger, the adult in the room. ?

Whitemanfromtowne T says:

I just clicked on to see the champion (Tiger) amongst his rivals 2020.

D Madden says:

Even if it's scripted, it's still awesome

the sports guy with common sense says:

What does the SIM stand for?

Ryan Staples says:

It's like taylormade just said say golf words guys

s1dest3p says:

This is corny and cheesy and TaylorMade is full of bull.

merion '50 says:

Imagine just sitting outside and then you see a gradge door open and out comes tiger and co

Woodsy says:

Rory would make a good salesman


The new clubs are like the new bags…..the just a different colour to the M5/M6

redsharpiemarker says:

they trying not to laugh at the cringe-yness of semi-acting during a ‘reaction’ video

Evan Durkovic says:

love the clip of them imitating Matthew Wolff's swing trigger

Gone Missing says:

Cringefest 2020. Like I said before. I can picture Rory being a mattress salesman and jumping on a mattress and start snoring to show how comfortable it is until the customer starts to walk away. Lol

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

Please don't let the USGA reduce how far the ball goes! It will ruin golf

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

Collin and Matt must be like "OMG is this a dream"

a2fitness says:

Simple advertising 101. Testimonials from VIP's who happen to be employees of the company.

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