Tiger the Artist

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Eli Powell says:

We all smack it into the trees but no one can get out like tiger

Jr nu mex says:

yep artist, "i am in suite 10A, wife doesn't have a clue"

Jim Watson says:

I pulled off about the same shot last year except there was an Evergreen type tree 12 feet in front of me….. It was the Only Damn Shot I made all day, good thing I took bets before making it!!???

Todd Schoolcraft says:

Tiger has a very good Imagination and golf is a game of imagination

J says:

Satisfying witnessing pure skill

hongeyi lee says:

우즈 벙커러쉬는 최강이었지

Don Louie says:

3 iron from the bunker. Unreal

Eric Blankz says:

3:44 there absolutely no chance that was 8 feet. That looks like at least 12 feet.

Tom Jordan says:

4:10 Almost looks like it was scripted in a movie

高嶺の花田勝さん says:

3:55 GOOD

Bill Riley says:

GOAT…I just hope someone with half his energy and talent comes along soon.

Bhaskar Parida says:

Legends say that Tiger once replaced his Grandfather's heavy platinum balls using that golf bat from 200 meters!

Trevor Capstick says:

Caddie: Ok, we're sitting at 283 with a slight uphill so I want you to bank it off this tree and skip it across the water into the hole.
Tiger: Ok

Broke Astronomer says:

Ok lets put this into perspective here. Most of these shots come from places that he should never had been in if his previous shot wasn't total shit.

Shang Hunter says:

I once golfed two holes with a gus lascola from Grand Island n.y. wonderful experience.

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