Tiger vs Rory LIVE: The Match at Mission Hills

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The two biggest names in golf will square off head-to-head, live from Mission Hills in Haikou, China. Streamed live here on YouTube in partnership with Back9Network, this 1-on-1 match marks the second straight year Woods and McIlroy will meet up in the world's most populous country for a duel. [Note: Live stream not available in the US due to rights restrictions.] For more info: http://www.back9network.com


Rolls Reus says:

Start time

Matthew Haye says:

At least put their phones and cameras on silent 

Jiří Mareček says:

5:04:28 pissing Tiger, you hear it? :D

goon303 says:

This was probably just a big promotion for Nike…. 

Aiman Ben says:

starts at 2 hours 40 mins

Andrew Accounting says:

thats a lot of people following two golfers play golf, what a circus!

DaneDuncan says:

4:42:50 hahahah

Sebastian Silander says:

wtf at the audience? they are walking all over the green and shit…

Matt Lloyd-White says:

2:40 it starts

Robin Parsons says:

What’s with all the snorting, hacking and spitting by them both!!!
DISGUSTING!!!! Have a bit of club decency 

Graeme Drummond says:

Hey, +Back9Network, +Back9NetworkTV . This is one of coolest things you
could ever bring the golfing community. The candid conversation between to
two is unreal. Thank you so much.

smitla321 says:

Rory swings his arms so much when he walks. It freaks me out! lol



lostpebble says:

Fantastic coverage!! Can it get any better than this?! Just great!
Personally, I feel the course is TOO well manicured, Should have a lot more
roughs to punish wayward shots, primary cuts on fairway and around the
holes etc etc Beautiful course nonetheless. And thanks Back9NetworkTV for
the upload.

steven6488 says:

“I can hit my left hand backhanded…I can rip the shit out of it…” I
love when they mic them up

Mick Grieve says:

all im getting here is “coverage will begin shortly” am i not able to watch

Dennis Allen says:

For anyone outside the USA wanting to watch the #tigerwoods / #rorymcilroy
Matchplay event in #china on Monday the 28th (local CN time) here’s the

Mike Hunt says:

Thanks for the upload. Sending you positive vibes friend

Dennis Allen says:

For anyone outside the USA wanting to watch the #tigerwoods / #rorymcilroy
Matchplay event in #china on Monday the 28th (local CN time) here’s the

Eighteen Under Par says:

tune in for #thematch at mission hills haikou in #china between @tigerwoods
and @mcilroyrory! #golf Tiger vs Rory LIVE: The Match at Mission Hills

Keiran Wright says:

he’s playing really well. But tiger of old was a freak.

Keiran Wright says:

yeah, see on their belts they have little receivers?

Lo Alfred says:

Energy water….

Jonathan Grant says:

tell me about it

Keiran Wright says:

Yes, back to being a brilliant player, but not back to as good as he was

Jonathan Grant says:


Keiran Wright says:

No different to us playing…. just shooting the breeze, and talking shop.
Except their work is golf.

Keiran Wright says:

setting up for a full approach shot

Kenneth Juarez says:

thanks for bringing it Back9

Keiran Wright says:

Lacasse, they still target preferred shot distances back from the hole. For
example, it’s hard to get much backspin with an 80-90yrd approach because
they have to hit a half shot.

Jonathan Grant says:

jesus enough bunker lol

Kondwani Nyangulu says:

he has a chest cold

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