Tiger Woods 2-Iron Stinger / Slo-Mo (68,000 fps) 2012 US Open (The Olympic Club)

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Boss Hogg says:

People have been hitting this shot for years, its called a punch shot, he
decides its the only way he can keep the ball in play and its reinvented as
a stinger

FullTimeHypocrite says:

dynamic loft = 0

Grant Hooper says:

his left foot is one of the worse things from his changes. can you say
stall ??? his left foot used to spin to allow his hips to keep turning.
2000 tiger was the greatest swing the game has known, and thats why it
produced the most majors. 

1180 the universe says:

So pure such an athletic swing no other sport is beautiful as golf.

Golf Guru says:

i agree with jim60631 , the main point of this shot is to maximize ball
speed, if you have shallow angle of attack and a delofted face , you get
more “pop” and less splice on the ball , meaning less spin and more ball
speed. youre welcome

jim60631 says:

No, the secret is the shallow angle of attack + the forward lean; trackman
coined this “spin loft.” Essentially spin loft is the dynamic loft minus
the angle of attack. So let’s guess that his 2 iron has 17* of loft and his
dynamic loft from delofting the clubface is 13* and his angle of attack is
2* down his spin loft would be 15* (13 – (-2) = 15). So want to hit it low
and solid? Deloft without hitting down so much.

Mikkel Nielsen says:

0:11 look at the iron wobbling:D thats just raw power:D

danny_keem says:

0:21 so crisp

jim60631 says:

people pay me to teach them…i gave away the answer for free. Who’s the
wise now now?

qdE uä says:

Trackman did a study and concluded that the more angle of attack doesn’t
create more backspin because angle of attack counteracted by the de-lofting
of the golf club which is caused by hitting down on the ball. So even
though the angle of attack increases backspin, the delofting action
decreases the backspin because the spinloft gets reduced. If you did hit
down on the ball a lot but you kept a lot of loft on the face (high
dynamicloft) that would increase the spinloft.

Bojangle Man says:

no his 2000 swing was arguably the greatest swing in golf, he needs butch

qdE uä says:

Don’t give a fuck who he is, he can be the guy who invented trackman but if
he says something that is not correct I will question what he says. Tiger
does INCREASE his angle of attack when he is trying to hit a stinger, THAT
at IMACT) a lot, which reduces the spinloft. Watch this video of Tiger
hitting a stinger, NOTICE THE DIVOT HE TAKES watch?v=gQyFdcZwXK0, does it
look like he has a shallow attack angle?

edmund kim says:


Trevor Millard says:

“That’s a different swing then 2000!”… Johnny Miller is such an idiot

qdE uä says:

He is wrong btw wanna know how tiger hits his stinger? He delofts the face
and he increases his angle of attack, the increasing of the angle of attack
leads to the low lanch and decreasing the dynamic loft leads to less spin.

Badmojo323 says:

lol true that! But when you hit a shot that well the club is just begging
to be twirled!

Justus Seiber says:

Look how still the ball is here. Oh my, it’s remaining at rest. Oh and
there it goes. Haha.

svennis fazer svennblad says:

is 68.000 fps even possible?

RollYourRock says:

fps = frames per second

bob wilson says:

Joe Mayo along with Grant Waite are both very well educated about Trackman.
The stinger is a combination of many variables at impact. The handle has to
be well forward with a downward aoa (angle of attack) to bring down the
dynamic loft. Joe Mayo, Andrew Rice, as well as Manzella have great
information with the use of trackman. The comment to increase AOA is wrong.
Increasing AOA creates a higher launch.

RollYourRock says:

Hey NobBoy, unless you’re just trying to win the Small Penis of the Year
award, simply compare the close-up clubhead/ball impact shot from this
video to other high-speed videos taken with the Phantom camera. Damn, I get
tired of this shit… do your friggin’ homework!

RollYourRock says:

TrackMan University recognizes several levels of expertise and
achievement… Level 1, Level 2 (TrackMan Certified Operator) and Master
level. TrackMan University also has a Partners title which is awarded
exclusively and only by invitation to individuals who have contributed to
TrackMan and / or TrackMan University. Brian Manzella is both a TrackMan
Master and Partner Joe Mayo aka “TrackMan Maestro” is neither ! BTW,
TrackMan does not award the title of “Maestro” YOUR CHOICE SMART ASS !

RollYourRock says:

I like Andrew Rice.

qdE uä says:

I’m aware of that. So when you said “Also, while hitting down on the ball
can (not always) lead to less dynamic loft because of the forward lean if
your angle of attack is too downward your spin loft will be too high and
you’ll lose the effectiveness of trying to hit a stinger.” Did you mean if
you hit down on the ball but don’t reduce the dynamic loft then the
spinloft will be to high, if that’s what you were saying then it’s correct,
the spin will increase because the spin loft increased.

qdE uä says:

A stinger should launch low and it should stay pretty low. And If you hit
down on the ball and reduce the loft, reduce the dynamic loft you will hit
a perfect stinger. Because you did not increase the spinloft, the angle
just got aimed more downward but you did not increase the spin which will
result in a low ballflight. Hitting down on the ball more will not increase
the spin by it’s own, but if you hit down on the ball and increase or keep
the dynamic loft that will increase the spinloft.

RollYourRock says:

Jim… have you taken notice of the high number of short-game videos on my
YouTube channel? BTW, I’m 66 and your point is especially poignant for me.

TheGreatXanadu says:

looks about right too me…bro you can see the ball compress

Bojangle Man says:

I know snead’s was however his swing was fantastic and when he was with
butch, he dominated like no one had ever done before, but he was too

RollYourRock says:

Really well said… I think. Would you please explain how we can shallow
our angle of attack, while still maintaining a forward leaning shaft. Does
physical strength play into this?

gs3198 says:

that close up shot at impact is amazing, that ball was hit perfectly…it
takes unbelievable hand eye coordination to hit it that well

rizzo69ca says:

Thats exactly what impressed me… its an amazing athletic feat to do what
he did… absolutely phenomenal athleticism and balance. wow

JackBrocky says:

Anyone who wants to play the stinger, can easily do it. It’s a bit tricky
to start with but I’m 17 and play off 15-20 (somewhere in between) and it’s
one of those shots I can rely on now. My best advice is turn both your feet
facing your target a little, almost so when you look down your feet are
like ‘ ‘ then move the ball nearer to your back foot. Grip down the club
a bit and keep your left arm straight at impact, that should keep the angle
down. Then just watch that ball fly away!

Casualguy 939 says:

JEEZ!!!! Can you see how long the face stays square through the hitting
area? F&#< Me!

hellfiredod says:

Regardless… That much balance by anyone should be greatly noted! Its very
difficult to control your momentum and balance as well as that!

RollYourRock says:

Backspin creates lift, right? Do we agree with that statement? With all
things being equal (same delivered dynamic loft), if/when you can shallow
the AoA you will have less Spin-Loft. Agreed? So… now with all things
being equal (same delivered dynamic loft), a shot with less Spin-Loft will
create less spin and therefore a lower trajectory. Could you agree with

fnecj3 says:

Amazing camera angle! Really reinforces that you lean the shaft and hit
down on the ball.

jim60631 says:

f0cusen, you said “the angle between dynamic loft and angle of attack just
got aimed more downward” that angle, that measurement, IS the spin loft
that’s my point. The more acute that angle the lower the launch.


I can still make a 2 iron sing and I am 59, it just takes practice…

Conor Flynn says:

False information in the title of your video?

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