Tiger Woods 2000 Golf Swing Normal Speed & Frame-by-frame

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Tiger Woods golf swing filmed in Bangkok in the year 2000. he is the holder of three majors at this point, he would go on to win the masters in '01 and make history.

His coach was Butch Harmon at this stage of his career.

This shot was hit hard and was a high draw to the middle of the green. Enjoy!

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Slow Motion Golf Swing Video

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Barami Snaeha says:

15th hole of Alpine Golf Club Pathumthani,Thailand.
The trees are all fully grown now,it’s almost jungle to the left side
Not an easy hole especially if you failed to get on green you’ll struggle
to save par.

Will Arnold says:

hahahahah please anyone with a paragraph comment must be a golf pro. That’s
why you didn’t make it!!!!

preppy187 says:

His acceleration through impact back then was much more like Ben Hogan.
Today he still has good acceleration but if you compare his follow through
back then to today, you’ll see the difference. The follow through is an
x-ray of the “pressures and intentions” before impact. His follow through
here shows excellent counter forces that cancel each other keeping the club
straighter through impact. Kinda like a baseball pitching machine. One disk
spins clockwise, the other disk spins CCW and the ball spits out straight.
But obviously his knee gave him problems but that was because he was pigeon
toed with his left foot which over torqued the knee over time.

jcsoxx says:

This is what I will practice all day long, the best golf swing bar none.

canefan17 says:

@alan lee

He still gets stuck. 2 plane, 1 plane, blah blah blah. He has 2 misses
now… he had 1 back then.

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