Tiger Woods 2000 Golf Swing Secret Revealed

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dafeibi says:

Look what you guys have done to Sir Charles Barkley. You ruined his life!!!😡😡😡

mike green says:

Back when Tiger had da best swing ever and da best coach n golf.. ⛳

Edward W says:

I started play golf at 38. Non of this makes sense to me. Just hit the ball and watch it fly. That’s all I can do now.

XB10001 says:

Woods pre-scandal was a completely different person.

pobrichi says:

He makes such a crucial point; a tip doesn’t mean anything unless it is relevant in relation to “how you feel” through your swing

Ben C says:

now we know why he has back pain and wont play again

Read More says:

Rotate everything back and just drop your arms while the tops of your thigh muscles carry your weight through. WHAP!
Your welcome.

Laszlo Erdosy says:

Have you heard of Moe Norman; he could hit 2000 balls within twenty feet of each other.

Richard Teran says:

Feel and real are not the same thing. Exactly. A good coach – who has a lot of experience with THAT PLAYER and knows THAT player – can tell the player what to try to feel like he's doing.

NackDSP says:

I think the feel vs real comes down to the 300 milliseconds delay in your perception of the world. The golf swing is fast enough that it's over before you perceive it. So if it isn't in muscle memory, you are not going to get there.

strongcloud28 says:

He did very well with Butch Harmon.

jx14aby says:

Tiger did exactly what his father told him to do. "Just focus on golf and fuck everything else."

Troy Caldwell says:

I remember watching this live, Tiger was a phenomenal golfer…he hit shots no one else on tour could pull off. Back then. That's the trouble with golf instruction also. I wonder how people understood what Tiger meant when he said "it's for me".
Butch Harmon devoloped Tiger into the golfing machine that dominated the sport for years, Harmon has that leadership take no crap personality that I believe is absolutely necessary in instructing a guy like Tiger who seems nice on the surface but very very touchy ego. Hank Haney found that out!
Watching him at Torrey in person I had to get out four or five holes in front and just wait, suddenly I found myself surrounded by what seemed thousand people, Tiger stood in front of me and made really soft easy practice swings. The focus was intense and I made sure not to move, breath,,, when he stepped up to drive his swing was so incredibly fast it was hard to believe! Back:-then holding his finish, incredibly fast and yes he missed the fairway, haha. Maybe out 300 or 290. In contrast I watched big John Daley that day also. Huge turn pointing the club down at his left foot then came the "thwap"at impact. Again out about 300….in the fairway bunker.

Michael Rooney says:

Butch Harmon best teacher ever not sure why tiger changed coaches was never the same

Timothy Prentice says:

The reality is the conventional golf swing is just too difficult for most people. Time to try another approach folks. you can make your own conclusions as to what I'm referring to

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