Tiger Woods – 2018 U.S. Open – Round 1

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Iris Dominguez says:

,jealousy and fear are a horrible combination that can make people choke. So choke on it. While some believe inwrong others like me believe in forgivenees; and in second chances. For God is good. Learn Something!!!

the boss says:

jesus some of you need to chill the fuck out Tiger had one bad round so he should retire now??? Rory shot 80, Jason day shot 79, Jordan shot 78, should they retire also?

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

Tiger so ugly it rain when he leave course. Still since dj pranked it into the lake tiger no 1 again.

Calibrit21 says:

It goes to show the pulling power of Tiger Woods in that he played poorly and yet 121k people (and counting) still bothered to come here and watch his "highlights".

Leslie Robert says:

Tiger like Richard Burton, just couldn't leave the stage. He is now a troubled hack, his wife is in bliss that his best nine iron shanked there marriage.

The Tick says:

Hang in there tiger. You don't have to win. Just be competitive. Although I do enjoy this new personality from Tiger a lot more.

Max Arts says:

I mean what is the USGA thinkin… When there is only one Person playing under Par….In a Major… do they expect interesting stuff to happen?… those high numbers of all the players are not interesting to watch….The US Open-a disaster. and every year it is getting worse…

Andy Titcomb says:

Tiger : Can I get the number for Balco in San Francisco?
411 operator: sorry sir I can not find a number for Balco
Tiger : Damn…..click

Patrick Kealy says:

Yeah why doesn't the media fawn all over this past his prime Tiger Woods. Oh, hold on a sec, they are. Tiger this, Tiger that. He is the male version of Michelle Wie, an above average golfer who is on the downside of their careers. I am sick and tired of this love fest everytime Woods shows up at a golf tournament. Give the guys who are playing better golf their proper due.

Rex II ForSure says:

At 42 that’s getting pretty old but ONLY relative to other golfers. It’s hard to outrun Father Time, but it’s all about keeping on if you can
I Don’t know if he can win another major. Thanks for the lesson!!! Superfly

kenasu1258 says:

For all you Tiger lovers he’s out na na na na na na hey hey goodbye

Taco Stacks says:

Must be that Yacht life

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