Tiger Woods 5-Iron FO Golf Swing Frys 2011

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Todd Mallery says:

He got that weight going to the target beautifully all while maintaining
spine tilt. It appears he’s playing the ball up in his stance with a long
iron off the tee. Textbook.

Steve Pete says:

As he comes into impact his head is pointing and his eyes seem to be
looking at a point about 18 inches behind the ball. He’s hitting it blind.
I guess his hands and every other part of his body knows where the ball is.
Impressive. Was this another stock fade? Or a draw? Clubface looks square
at the top. 

Lee Collinson says:

I agree with you John that all great ball strikers appear to lose height
during both BS and DS, but I wouldn’t prescribe ‘dipping’ to generate
power. If you look carefully at the slow mo’s they are bracing the lower
body; Newton’s third law of motion applies for this move, for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction. By applying force to the ground
through the lower body, the ground acts in an opposite fashion allowing the
golfer to generate more power.

MrTofur99 says:

@85milesb when you set up, the key is to bump your hips a few inches
towards the target, thereby slightly tilting your spine, in it’s entirety,
away from the target. Then turn your shoulders around your spine thats on
that angle, with your head staying in the same general area. watch tigers
swing again and notice the tilt at address then how he turns around it,
ending up “centered”, but not too left.

brown55061 says:

I was told by a club maker that when Tiger was younger he played a 3X S
steel shaft. But that was like 15-20 years back. Hard to say nowadays. He
creates so much lag it would have to be as stiff as a broom stick.

Fraser Robertson says:

Definately looking better. Certinely more centred rather than s&t, he will
be very good soon

TourSwing says:

@earthshine2k I disagree-all the players I teach shift far too much weight
to the right. The reverse pivot comes because they simply cant get the
weight to the left foot. Although I’d never teach S&T weight shift (or lack
of), it should feel like you are making a S&T weight shift. I believe
correct weight shift is the key to a good swing.

mcnaugam says:

I thought he used x100s. I’ve used them, they’re stiff but I’d say easy for
someone of his strength.

Phil Ebbesen says:

@theupandaround finally someone who actually knows what they are talking
about 🙂

Benjamin Lim says:

WHOA btw how stiff is his steel shaft for 5 iron his club bends a lot on
down swing

BluryEdits© says:

He lags a lot but right before the strike he somehow gets the shaft
perpendicular to the ball & ground at impact

johnhayesiv says:

Look at any good ball striker, the head always dips in the back swing and
much more in the downswing…. Its how they generate power, dipping is good
and a hard move to do, look at any great ball strikers swing in slow mo and
you’ll see the drop

Miles Burden says:

I keep coming back to this vid of Tiger to monitor my own progress as my
pivot is currently either centered, or reversed. I was wondering if anyone
could possibly give me a few tips to improve my position at the top, really
trying to fight my reverse pivot!

wkendhacker says:

@lilmikeii24 freeze it at 0:08, that’s about as extended as you could have
on the left side. the guy’s triceps are ripped tho, jeez.

Brian McGrew says:

@Fraserr1992 S&T is centered… one of the most emphasized pieces. Just FYI.

earthshine2k says:

@thegolfacademyla1 the reality of S&T is a centered pivot. The literal
interpretaion of the literature (book / dvd) lends to a REVERSE pivot. The
S&T concepts are ‘feels’ that are great for players who move off the ball
or get too wide. But, Bennett and Plummer sold S&T to the masses as the
‘panacea’ of stellar ball striking. Most recreational players already hang
on their left side and never get behind the ball. Having them believe
that’s what they SHOULD be doing is trouble, at best.

Mox_au says:

yeah i agree, they compress into the ground, all the great hitters do it to
a degree. it just gets pontificated about a bit by commentators and
cockheads like wayne de francsco too much…..it’s a natural thing to load
into it a bit

Miles Burden says:

@MrTofur99 Thanks, great explanation!

dduckkim says:

don’t like it. it looks too artificial.

Michael Sutton II says:

@wkendhacker true but there is a such thing as too big in golf. its almost
starting to restrict the swing. Dont get me wrong im a huge tiger fan. i
just dont like what he’s going with foley.

BluryEdits© says:

Not the G.O.A.T. That would NE Jack Nicklaus if we’re talking about GOAT of

KrisShaw100 says:

face on I think

citiusaltiusfortiuz says:

Back with the big dip / squat, how can one achieve consistency with that
amount of vertical movement. These swing gurus are just hilarious. With his
athletics, he just need good simple basics.

Fraser Robertson says:

In a way s&t is incorporated in everyone’s swing, but i meant the full s&t
where your left sided, the best way to swing the club is to be centred my
opinion no one needs to agree 🙂

Michael Sutton II says:

he’s almost chicken-winging the follow through by trying to move the club
so far left through the ball..

LoaforDie says:

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