Tiger Woods 94-96 US Amateur Golf Swing Video Show

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Michael S says:

That’s when he was SUPER UBER LONG

Chris Redig says:

Nothing extraordinary

Jari Viitanen says:

Tiger Woods is great but Liger Woods is even greater?✌️

Enlightenment says:

Putting on a god damn clinic

norris pg says:

still prefer the quiet transition over the one he has today

Azmat Lodhi says:

This was the best swing Tiger's had his entire career. He had this in 1997 when he won the Masters. People say that his swing was at his best in 2000 under Butch. I disagree. In my opinion his game might have been at his best with Butch. But this was his best ever swing. History Now Though.

Michael S says:

Lol shirts were big back then.

gabrielle aujard says:

Great backswing

Tim Jones says:

Is that barack obama?

dano11000 says:

don't do weights kids

Totalavulsion says:

And now he can't even walk unassisted.

Polarcupcheck says:

Looked like life was fun back then. Piece of shit economy now.

Mood Swings Golf says:

They didn't quite have the slow-mo cameras back then. πŸ˜›


Back then he had a very smooth, rhythmic, grooved swing with a balanced finish. Take a look at his current swing. Rushed and stumbling to keep his balance at the end of the swing. Taking into consideration his height and physical stature he simply does not need to swing so hard. The golf swing is a miniature ballet employing smooth movements coupled with relaxed muscles and soft hands. Trying to strike a golf ball with testosterone and clinched muscles will only avail you one thing…your next shot will be out of the trees or rough. I do hope Tiger makes it back to his old game, he's always been a great talent.

kilroy escalante says:

Mike Austin swing,should have stayed with it

brown55061 says:

So much more relaxed and flowing than his mechanics now. Loved this video, really shows how much raw god given talent he has.

SuperRayrobinson says:

I absolutely love this.

This black kid turns up wearing tennis shorts and an old floppy hat to all these rich country clubs. Shoots 62 and walks off with the trophy.

bye bye

Adam Baum says:

Such a beautiful swing

mjd222003 says:

His swing was so long

Devlins10 says:

haha you so beat me to it!!

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