Tiger Woods and “Sammy” the squirrel

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Jewish Parasite says:

What a worthless gentile. Like Michael Jordan.

Patrick Gray says:

The look of I think that’s Fred Couples wife behind them is priceless

Booly says:

Tiger Woods and “Sammy” the squirrel – YouTube

Udara Nalan Muhudugama says:
Andrew Willigar says:

Tiger Woods and “Sammy” the squirrel http://ow.ly/2AsryW

togonumber says:


Tuyen Hoang says:

Would a Lion cheat on his wife? No But Tiger Wood.

Winthorpej says:

I hear ya. They’re awesome little buggers.

hardcoremofo says:

This lady actually has humor compared his statue ex-wife

Sylvester Williams says:

Let me get this Right~ This Chick pulls a Varment out of another man pocket
and put it on Tigers neck while he’s doing Research””? Mr. Woods leave that
one home next time out. You now have Three Kids. Dumb Azz Blond!!

Winthorpej says:

Well, I’m glad you’re over it. This is, indeed, just YouTube. For the
record, I don’t judge individuals for liking golf. I’m actually very much a
“different strokes for different folks” kind of guy. (Seemed an apt idiom.
“Strokes.” Oh, I’m such a … sorta kinda probably not overly clever
fellow.) I had a grandfather who loved golf, and I loved the guy. Hmm.
Maybe one reason I dislike golf is that I was bored to death as a kid when
he wanted me to hang with him on the golf course. Who knows.

Alexander Gallant says:

Tiger is as cool as they come.

pecjuliar says:

ahahah :D:D youtube, the place of love and friendship~

Winthorpej says:

I happen to be 100% hetero, but unlike you I’m not a bigot. If you thought
insinuating I’m gay would hurt my feelings, you’re wrong. All it did was
cause me to pity your small, narrow mindset towards humans. And yes, you’re
quite right. The word “golf” will outlive me. Then again, so will words
such as “dolt” and “nitwit.” Aren’t you glad people won’t run out of things
to call you anytime soon?

Akkebu says:

golf wives/girlfriends are always hot

Rang Klos says:

she can easily eat that squirrel whole.

akaMyThought says:

You know Tiger even though you are at a golf event and take it seriously
you could still loosen up a little bit and enjoy her company and enjoy the
silly little things that are spontaneous. Dont ignore your girl. At least
you let her put the squirrel on your sholders 🙂 Put a smile on Tiger
geeze. I thought this was fun!

Brian Collins says:

Just another blonde trying anything she can for attention

The17Shrooms says:

I didn’t say you used quotation marks incorrectly. Commas do not indicate
slight pauses, they separate the different parts of sentences. You could’ve
said, “Tell me, why does this video have a million views?” Or you could’ve
said, “Tell me why this video has a million views.” But, “Tell me why does
this video have a million views,” is incorrect. Also, the word ‘in’ between
‘need’ and ‘a’ should be ‘for’. That’s just one correction of several
mistakes you’ve made in your previous comment.

Winthorpej says:

* @Mike Anderson

Lisa UKGirl says:

Hey plz check out my video 🙂

BornFreeMovies says:

When they said they had some nuts to show Sammy Squirrel, he thought they
meant the kind you eat – not these crazy humans. Check out Sammy Squirrel’s
response to this stunt on our channel..

Winthorpej says:

Perfectly valid reason.

Hams Allspice says:

When she first put it on him, he was like fuck bitch, leave me the hell
alone, I’ma beat yo ass. And then when he noticed the cameras were on him
he was like oh, haha, it’s cool.

Aaron Wes says:

“Everybody knows the same truth; what makes us different is how we choose
to distort it.” —Woody Allen. If you want to know the TRUTH about life
and death, go to truthcontest–com and open “The Present” today.

Winthorpej says:

No argument there. I’m kind of glad about that, too.

slamgame71 says:

Tiger Woods is not amused…

Speerwurf Keihäs копьё Javelot Javelin Throw 2015 says:

porn on my channel ! I swear!!!!!!

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