Tiger Woods At 2 Years Old

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Geo Rockmann says:

Maybe I'm underestimating the past but isn't the quality extremly good for being from 1978?

Chris Redig says:

He reminds me of Arnold " adult" in different strokes

RED Llama Gaming says:

Tiger should react to this

Talon SnowVlogs says:

Someday I’ll bet he would win the masters

gamer king says:

0:09 that’s some catchy music

Max Bowen says:

Man he hits it great with a real wood wood

MaxFranklinVlogs says:

Go get 'em, Tiger! No pun intended!

parkerbohnn says:

At age 4 I could beat any adult on any pinball machine in the city of Toronto, Canada. I went on to win 6 world pinball championships.

Ani Vai says:


Sugarrr says:

Look at his little legs so cute

Karima Nicolette says:

Who would've known today that this babyboy would someday be the world's greatest golfer⛳

Kirtan Patel says:

Congrats Tiger! 2019 Masters. I was there.

Karima Nicolette says:

Tiger Woods just won the 2019 Championship Masters?
Raise a child in the way they should go, and they will indeed succeed in all and every aspect in life. Daddy did a good job raising his Son.

בנשף מיאמי בנשף מיאמי says:

I feel sorry for him.. it’s no fun to grow up as a human trick-pony.

Super Kyle says:

Dad should'a taught him about prenups

Louise Marie Pothier says:

omg, he looks THE SAME LOL

Hasan Pınar says:

Adan golf ile doğmuş amına koyayım ??

Vire says:

Something tells me that kid's gonna be good some day.

EnzoVlogs says:

He was 2 damn he was tall

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