Tiger Woods' Beautiful Driver Swing from Farmers Insurance Open 2020

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Adey Yemm says:

so many years with nike and he never hit the driver as well as he is now ,

stuk athon says:

Agreed awesome video. It's crazy to see his swing now vs. previous days. In my opinion, it looks like he opens his left foot so that when he drives through the ball, there is less strain on his bad knee. Also, because of his fused spine, he doesn't release violently like he used to. He is stiff looking. And, it looks like because of his fused spine, instead of bending his back for posture, now that he can't as much, he bends at his knees instead. Not saying its bad at all, just different now. I would love to see an expert's opinion on that.

Marie Taylor says:

The way he is hitting fairways–and with a hot putter–he will be unstoppable in the tournaments he is focusing on! You can take that to the bank.

munnjean says:

" The hardest par four in the world " ,,, what a crock of garbage, typical U.S. broadcasting ,, I guess you have never heard of the 18th. at Carnoustie Scotland ( 499 yds. ) ,, the 6th. at Royal Birkdale ( 488 yds. ) the 18th. at Whistling Straits ( 497 yds. ) and of course the famous 17th. at St. Andrews ,, the road hole that plays 495 yds. Jack Nicklaus said " it's the toughest par four in the world ,. when you need a four ". Tiger Woods said the 17th. at the Old Course is the hardest par four you will ever find in golf.

아트지디 says:

Beautiful swing, Beautiful music.

Monte Carvalo says:

drop the music please.

Mashie niblick says:

Tiger appears so balanced these days, swing looks fantastic, great video for repeat watching.

okolekahuna says:

He looked good with the new SIM driver. I may have to buy one. LoL


A good game from a good day!

M says:

We want more rounds of Jason Day.

Mike Hatzl says:

This is wonderful

Aaron Cole says:

Not sure he’s ever hit the driver better ????

Plus2 Golfer says:


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