Tiger Woods’ best at 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational

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In the final round of the 2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard, Tiger Woods shot a final round 70 to win for the eighth time at Bay Hill Club and Lodge.


laurent H says:

He is one of the most exciting player in the worldworld to watch of all

Peter B says:

its funny how most people disrespected tiger after the scandal and now he’s
winning tournaments and now most people respect him… And some people even
say they supported tiger all the way but actually didn’t.

FIGNAS83 says:

I hate the people who yell, “Get in the hole! ” it’s annoying. 

Yazzmelo Yacine says:

Tiger Woods amazing shots at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He’s back to
the world #1 spot in the world golf ranking.

BigLWutangNas says:

Best in the world

audiopro316 says:

Heeee’s Baaaack!

murphdog232 says:

3:05 Tigers mouths “ahh fuck yeah”

Ron Glover says:

Tiger is the best golfer of all time period- he just got stupid for a

Alton Grimes says:

Tiger…Tiger….burning bright !

belen cruz santiago says:

wooo!!! sin duda es el mejor

asfaf wfawf says:

those idiots that yell “get up” or “get down” really think they can talk to
Tiger’s ball like that? fucking hacks.. they are an embarrassment to real

Jimmie A says:

I love when Tiger wins! That means I get to watch more of these videos 🙂

ben hurst says:

I predicted Tiger would have his best season of his career this year, I was
kind of optimistic, and just hoping about 2013. But it is looking like a
very good year. The only other year he won 3 times before Augusta was 2000.

ed hanes says:

think about it really its best to be a poor black person at least you know
what color you are unlike the ones who get rich or get wit white girls ,and
become shameful uncle toms

1Luko1 says:

Great to see him back on top! Would have liked to see more Tee and Iron
Shots than soooo many Putts in this video….

63Bueno says:

That was Johnny attempting to save himself…He was about to say it sounded
thin, at that instant he saw Tiger LOVED it then the best he could come up
with was “well, he didn;t hit down on it” lol…Johnny is great when it
comes to breaking down th mental side of the game,the technical side, well
he says some pretty crazy shit..

ed hanes says:

shameful that black people still want anything to do wit him ,but looking
at this guy in the photo ,not sure if he knows what being black is either
,I can see why he said thanks to a white girl ,hes pro married to one
himself and and thinks hes better then his own kind like uncle Tiger there

jdx418 says:

Guess he’s not that good after all

Watch Doge says:

Sec addict? I’m addicted to seconds too!

P Hiser says:

Congratulations Tiger – Awesome

marcia milbanks says:

Robert what the heck are you babbling about? Ask a Native American — if
you can find one left after the evil genocide by whites– what he thinks of
being forced to “accept” another race — YOURS into this country!

ge10good says:

Ladies and gentlemen normal transmission has been resumed.

Nunya Biznis says:

SO glad for him ! HE is the ONLY reason why I started to watch golf in the
1st place because I thought golf was stupid. so when he was in the news
everywhere and news on the radio, I said alright what the hell. watched and
watched and watched. he was captivating. so I started to learn what all the
terms meant and ( I can’t believe I’m saying this) I actually got into
liking the game. no I never played. but when Tiger got into all that mess
with his x I stopped. now he’s in the “Good” news again

politicalprisoner2 says:

The retards who watch sports and serve Evil and actively subvert The Bill
of Rights through ignorance and fat paychecks, can be found here watching
these videos and glued to the TV watching this bullshit.

James Kendall says:

Tiger wont win the Masters. He will win the British Open

daniel reeve says:

ill never win again huh watch me prove you wrong – Tiger Woods

darvish2012 says:

Okay…that putt on the 72nd hole was 100% robbery!

Jimmy Boy says:

my girlfriend tells me this…I always ask, “which one?”

Stubbee says:

I don’t know about the woods but he is definitely back in the bush

Namibia says:

So basically tiger wood cant win a game if hes not getting laid lol

Mike Scolamiero says:

What a shot

Robert White says:

Of course, Mulsims conquered hundreds of millions, killed tens of millions
and kept 1 million White slaves. And Japan has horrible colonial record of
conquering 3,000 islands, China and Korea, using rape as a weapon and
almost wiping out the Aniu. Aztecs and Mayans killed millions in the most
grizzly manner. African nations committed vast atrocities. So have ALL
people. But none of that matters to you b/c they are non-White. You pretend
to care about Siberian-Americans to bash Whites.

Jimmie A says:

He takes a divot…and Johnny Miller says he doesnt hit down on the

myafrosheen says:

Putting like a boss

peartfaldo says:

I knew he would do it. Golf is back!!!

woteva6891 says:

The Big winners are Nike for sticking with their man.

jdx418 says:

Tiger Woods lost! Yesssss!

fLrzi says:

28 people lost to Tiger.

63Bueno says:

We praise him for his golf, the fact that you care about an athlete’s
personal life, shows how YOU need to get a life. I bet you Arnie banged
more whores in his day than Tiger could have dreamed of…

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