Tiger Woods- Best shot ever played

16th hole, Augusta National.
2005 Masters Championship

I do not own the rights to this. All credit belongs to CBS Sports and The Augusta National Golf Club.

48 thoughts on “Tiger Woods- Best shot ever played

  1. *”Inside each and every one of us is one true authentic swing… Somethin’
    we was born with… Somethin’ that’s ours and ours alone… Somethin’ that
    can’t be taught to ya or learned… Somethin’ that got to be remembered…
    Over time the world can, rob us of that swing… It get buried inside us
    under all our wouldas and couldas and shouldas… Some folk even forget
    what their swing was like… Don’t worry about hitting the ball or where
    it’s going to go, just swing the club.”* ~ Bagger Vance

  2. Thanks to all of the negative jerks who responded to this. The rest of us
    who appreciate what Tiger has done. Don’t really care how much lower in
    life, and miserable you must prove you are. Fact is. Nobody really gives
    two flyin’ f’s what any of you lame, miserable, idiots say. We enjoy being
    able to laugh at you, then just forget you.

  3. It’s hard for me to choose between this shot and his Better Than Most Putt
    he made from back of the Island Green at TPC Sawgrass. Both definitely
    awesome shots. Is a shame I think him meeting that girl he married and had
    kids with just took away part of Tigers swag and I’m afraid it’s to late
    for him to get it back in time before age does become an issue. 

  4. It really is not that hard a shot to get close. I have seen that green for
    years and everything feeds to that hole back there. You get it over the
    crest and it will run right to the bank every time. Over done just like
    everything else about Tiger Woods.

  5. this wasnt even that goiod a shot, i go golfing with my dad all the time
    and i see him hit hole in ones at least once every 2 years, people just
    like tiger because he’s black… he cheated on his wife… this iswhy im
    stuck in elo hell on League of legend, i should be in LCS, gg

  6. in the post round interview he said ‘i was a bit upset the nike swoosh was
    delayed to the camera by about a second, having the swoosh in the grass at
    the point where i stalled the ball was not ideal, but making the put was
    obviously my first priority. getting the endorsement right is always second
    on my checklist of perfection’ 

  7. Fuck golf, that shit is boring. The true par for the course is all the
    flabby graveyard waitresses and B list porn sluts this guys mushroom head
    was inside of. That record will never be broken.

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