34 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – Best shots 2012

  1. His chip in at the Memorial last year was a shot that should go down as one
    of the most magical in golf history. Jack recognized the difficulty and
    said so. Just unbelievable.

  2. if only there was no music. if i wanted to listen to thin lizzy i wouldve
    looked them up. but i want to see (and hear) tiger woods hit golf shots.
    but thanks for the vid

  3. did you see him yesterday, his last three holes were magic, he knew he
    everyone was behind him and so he played well, i think its just a
    confidence issue

  4. tiger is an amazing golfer. the only reason people care that he cheated on
    his wife is because he is a superstar and they can make money off of
    talking about him. im so ashamed of my fellow americans

  5. I disagree . . . . I was taught that one’s elders deserve a more humble
    approach. Mr. Nicklaus would be more appropriate than, “how about that
    buddy” and “jack” . . . Tiger is cocky and arrogant . . . .always has been
    . . . . Earl Woods said it was one of his favorite qualities in his son –
    his arrogance. Having said that, I love when Tiger plays well. He is the
    greatest golfing talent to date.

  6. tiger knows how to hit perfectly fades and draws. There is no straight shot
    in the golf world. Now he scared of what? he can hit it whatever he wants
    to with his magical talent.

  7. Who cares what tiger does in his personal life. If he wants to screw
    everything with legs that’s his own business. Tiger as a golfer, you can’t
    deny he is one of or the most talented golfer to ever have played the game.
    He just surpassed Jack in wins and is second only to Sam Snead, but in the
    early days of Snead tournaments were Match play.

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