Tiger Woods Best Shots

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Judge Smails says:

IMAGINE…If I let Tiger use my ol’ Billy Barule ?
Billy,Billy, Billy !

drumzmagoo says:

The music and editing ruin it. It’s hard to watch

Rafael Figueiredo says:

He’s is a funking amazing

Dan Musk says:

Whats the music?

MrDoomsday74 says:

and this guy got crazy laid… GOLF ROCK STAR!!!!!!!

aaron hargis says:

where was his second hole in one

fh says:

too sad,only time I grabbed golf club was to beat Vice City’s citizens

Dan Bingham says:

23 girls didnt get a call from tiger the next day

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

hey nice compilation you’ve made there. very nice

jon tripodi says:

Mashed Potatoes!!

tinynoggin says:

Tiger and I share the same expectations. i go to work everyday, expect to
go home at 5 pm and not hurt my back in the process because those task
chairs can be challenging if you sit all day long watching Youtube about
half that time..

dippedindoodoowater says:

back wen he was good 🙁

zkemm76 says:


TheSyntheticPop says:

Is that a golf ball or a pixel?

MrUthorns254 says:

I miss this tiger

John_SigNu says:

tiger just seems to have lost the fire and joy he had in being a
competitor. that just seems to be the difference in the abilities of “old”
tiger vs “new” tiger.

Ruan Bezuidenhout says:

sunday red fever… this guy is inhumanely brilliant!

ProGolferAF says:

give tiger his girls back so he can be good again..

shoeswithoutshoestri says:

T raw

UltimateZerro says:

I believe it’s by Joe Satriani, I’m not too sure of the exact song though.

jpracingph says:

2:27 was a 6 iron from 212 yards from the sand over water. THAT’S amazing.

namznej says:

Tiger…. Better than most…

jlash259 says:

@ 1:55 is that a damn 3 or 5 wood?

marcky89869 says:

american football is the worst.

sharkguy95 says:

He is so happy in these videos. Tiger really needs to bring the enjoyment
back into his game, not just when he wins because that won’t happen when he
throws clubs and says “DAMMIT TIGER” on tv in the masters…

eduardo falcon says:

0:47 that swing is weird

Phillip Pearson says:

After yesterday’s performance I’d say he is back

Alex Foster says:

I miss this

MyHungryBum says:

He has the sweetest swing that I have ever seen.

Robbie Maguire says:

Bring back the old Tiger and Charlie sheen too

Diego anti-Communist says:

this video made me proud to be american

Glenjose07 says:

I wonder ay what point during this timeline video he started banging
hookers! i’m trying to see a change in attitude but I cant see one! Maybe
he always did it!!

Quentin Tosello says:

he is the king of golf

SoundofRevolution93 says:

you are so stupid

Sten Almgren says:

great video!

Matt Leaver says:

love him hate him he is a golfing genius without doubt

isawayto says:

@diegosampaiosbt oh good 😛 Its always okay to make fun of them. Excuse my
comment then

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