Tiger Woods CAUGHT Picking Up A Woman During Match!

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Instead of Tiger Woods having his eye on the ball during his match with Phil Mickelson…he had his eye on someone thing else…another female's number to be exact.
Some hilarious video has now surfaced of Tiger finishing up a hole…approaching his fans…and then casually grabbing a number from a female fan. Did you miss it…take one more look at the player himself in all of his glory.

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Scott Taylor says:

Tiger respond to this yet?

G T says:

She just handed him 2 Snowbunny pills for maximum golf power.

Lolita Blair says:

he's tacky @ what he do? His discretion sucks?

Constance Erhabor says:

Seriously, you have nothing better to say than nonsense.

Terps says:

lol this is quite poor journalism

Kumquat Perk says:

That’s a $750k phone number

Sondra Allen says:

Tiger had better be careful she probably the one that set him up with this me-too movement although she's coming on to him she's going to swear he raped her that's the way they do oh he did this to me stop getting in these people's face and space and cry wolf they are willing participants until he don't pay him no attention no more and then they want to cry file although he don't think he's black he is and they will get him he better stay at home choke the chicken and watch pornos and work it out with his girlfriend variety is the spice of life but they can't free will you get it anymore FYI tiger

jayc650 says:

I'm not sure what's more annoying, her voice or that this is a fist bump gone wrong being portrayed as a giving a number.

ALFRED D Lee says:

Who gives a shit what he did!

tu carnal says:

-Could have just been words of encouragement.
-Could have been number/address, hard to determine without audio.

Rene Alc says:

Who cares… Get off his back already

TheBogeySmalls says:

This is stupid. Both him and Phil were betting on themselves and each other on their match in outside venues. They played everyone who watched this match

Jeff Wilson says:

Don’t be hate, Celebrate.

O. G. says:

Lmao you guys got white fans excited

Spike Baddachino says:

Tiger is a skirt chaser. Known forever. Big deal.

Drop Des says:

Tiger love that Vanilla flavor… My nug… ???

Monte Carvalo says:

Miss piggy !! Where is Kermit?

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