Tiger Woods Chipping Woes Revealed (Rotary Swing Instructor Chris Tyler)

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Even the best players in the world struggle around the greens from time to time!

In this new video, I'll show you what caused Tiger Woods to lay the sod over multiple chips this past weekend at the Hero World Challenge.

I'll show you some of the distinct differences in his green side technique and I'll also give you a couple of areas to pay attention to in your own game that will ultimately help you become a great short game player.

See the full version of the pitch shots video here: http://www.rotaryswing.com/videos/short-game/wedge-play/golf-pitching-30-yard-pitch-shots?in=clay&ref=581

Stop hitting those frustrating shots around the green and learn how important push vs. pull is in your golf swing today!

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kilroy escalante says:

Tiger ,did not change the world,the devil did,and to say he is the best
ball sticker ever is nonsense,if he was he’d still be winning. Hogen Bobby
Jones ,Had galleries and parades, Tiger is nod Jesus ,and nothing but
imperfect human, who got big headed and still is .Like it or not ,got

Brendan Horton says:

I’m surprised you don’t emphasize the rotation through the ball more in
this analysis (this is my first visit to Rotary Golf and I expected more of
a rotary explanation.) The pivot around the left leg through impact is
dramatically different between these two swings. In the old pitch, his belt
buckle is well through the shot, facing the target much more in the finish;
in the recently chucked chip, his belt line is hardly moving through impact
and his belt buckle doesn’t rotate much beyond where its address position.
The arms should stay extended because they stay in front of the chest (as
you say); they stay in front because the chest keeps turning with the swing
of the arms and the club; the chest keeps turning because of the pivot of
the lower torso carried it around that left leg and hip.

The push of the right arm and hand (and/or left thumb) is not the only
explanation. Here with Tiger it seems more likely that the speed of
rotation in the torso doesn’t keep up with the momentum of the arm and club
swing. As soon as that happens the release begins. He tries to save it by
rushing the hands and arms across the chest, but in a dicey situation like
this, that’s not going to cut it.

I wonder also, if this isn’t just a little too narrow a stance for this
length of swing. Being that narrow would inhibit pivot somewhat. 

mansiononthehill says:

This is brilliant……arguably the greatest golfer of all time being
critiqued by these guys. Too funny. 

Kevin Dizon says:

you don’t think that the reason for his forearms separating and the chicken
wing in his left arm is because of the mis-hit of the club hitting the

Farai Chikosi says:

Lets not read too much into tigers short game struggles, his in the middle
of a swing change nd his using a different release thats why his short game
is suffering, hel get it sorted in no time, swing change pple swing change

Tee Caddy says:

Tiger is also guilty of ‘looking up’ during the second shot (something I do
all the time!)

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:
Aep Rohendi says:

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