Tiger Woods & Collin Morikawa's Iron Striking Secrets | TaylorMade Golf

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CoIdnestea says:

Jesus that interviewer is trying too hard. Obnoxious

Jake Shier says:

Horrible name for the video. This should be called “consistently pure iron shots? Now learn how to shape and control them!” They didn’t talk at all about keys to actual “ball striking” ???

SiWon Lee says:

Not trying to hate on Trottie… but i was here to listen to what Tiger and Colin. Trottie talking over the players made me uncomfortable lol Otherwise, a great content!

JRG GOLF says:

Tiger said he plays the spiniest ball on the market. I guess we know now the Bridgestone Tour B XS is the spiniest golf ball on the market!

Nick Harris says:

Trottie straight up interrupting during Colin’s explanation ?

James Aquino says:

I couldn't tell if Tiger or Colin was speaking

Sal Valestra says:

Tiger "Not bad."
Colin "Yeah, he knew it."
( Tiger thinking ) "Of course I knew it. What the (bleep) do you think I've been doing out here for 25 years?"

Bobby S says:

phone numbers…………….he wants phone numbers from T

nathan hock says:

this interviewer is ass, would of been better just having tiger and collin talking to each other

Cade Whitaker says:

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Dickon Kofahl says:

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Andrew Lamouche says:

Tiger so good man lol can play any shot

Kowan McGarry says:

Colin 103ft apex, Tiger 120ft apex. No contest.

David Shelley says:

They're so, so similar it's funny. I wonder do they realize it ?

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