Tiger Woods – Eagle putt at the 18th hole (US Open)

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Tiger Woods makes an eagle putt on the 18th hole to take the 54 hole lead in the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines – La Jolla, CA.


TheBrizz71 says:

I don’t care what anyone says: golf is better when Tiger is in the mix,
healthy and contending. The television ratings reflect that. I hear he’s
looking really good this off-season and may be back for real. I hope the
rumors are true. Would love to see that red shirt in the final pairing on
Sunday at Augusta. 

just sunny says:

Wow! Came here to get a reminder of what golf is lacking! No one moves the
crowds like Tiger!! 

topgrain says:

Roars like that haven’t been heard in the PGA in a while. Nothing even

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