Tiger Woods Final Putt and Celebration at the 2019 Masters Tournament

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king higgins says:

Jim nantz's call gives me chills. One of the best in the business right now

W. D. says:

I was absolutely in tears watching this as it happened on CBS. ??????

Corey Umberger says:

hands down one of the best sports moments in my lifetime.

Tiziano Petretti says:


dudefood says:

Nantz was perfect and let the moment speak for itself. One if the most iconic moments in sports history.

Michael Murphy says:

The Legend Tiger

Cos鯨魚 says:

1230 We r 1. I Love U

Mike More says:

Best sports moment of 2019 by a mile, especially for those of us who grew up and fell in love with golf watching Tiger.

kgamax says:

1:01 KID GETS REJECTED, AHAHAHAH u aint tigers son ahahahhahaha

Brandon Myers says:

Still gives me chills

Mario Nelson says:

Some people are born to be Legends /icons , Tiger is one of them !

Kyle Goins says:

the ONLY thing that cheapens this for me is Steinberg sneaking in to whisper some instructions to Charlie at about 2:32

Mirtzee says:

Never tire to see this sensational moment!

Spencer Ho says:


Abdel Ferah says:

Un génie ! Un génie ! Un génie !

Dennis Kristensen says:

This still gives me the chills!

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