Tiger Woods Former Wife Elin Nordegren 2019

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Foxier says:

The comment section lol is surprising

Little money Larry says:

Tiger woods grew up a nerd. He didn't know the ways of women until he started making money
Fucking was new to him. So maybe he's sowed all his wild oats. And ready to settle down.

Nate Joy says:

Had another baby 1 year after tiger divorce…unmarried …trailer park lowlife.

jay ty. vaughn says:

Good for her. Woods she have kept that relationship ?. She deserved everything thing she got.

Jeannie Khoo says:

Money & FameI = A STRONG Magnet !

Shakema Daise says:

From nanny to millionaire just because she push out tiger kids. Never even dated a black man, did help in anything he accomplish but automatically entitled to his hard earnings. Met the right pimp

Alice the Great says:

Lucky white nanny stuck it rich by sleeping with a rich sport professional. How many times to we see this kind of relationship. Only in America can an uneducated White babysitter become a million dollar hooker.

Ryan Sweeney says:

Adams apple scar

trang doan says:

Planet earth = look + money + power + talent

Demetrius Harrison says:

She only has blonde long hair to offer.
What else?
Body , shape looks nope
Just fucking hair !!!
If white wonen had hair of a black women ………

Gwendolyn says:

A BS degree. Literally. She and her sister and her sister's best friend shared Tiger. They are prostitutes.

Karen Lloyd says:

Elin has a foot long neck (at least 12 inches) & an overbite! She also has breast implants! LOL

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