Tiger Woods Full Interview With Scott Van Pelt | SC With SVP | March 21, 2017

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Tiger Woods joins Scot Van Pelt to discuss his book about the Masters in 1997 and what it meant to him in his young career, what Woods needs to do to play in this year’s event and how his back issues flared up in February.

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Spencer Brizendine says:

Little do you know… you’ll be back Tiger.

Jojo The King says:

2019 Masters Champion! Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

lionel messi says:

Why is his right should shoulder lower than his left??

Xavier Johnson says:

Win number 80

cromerbeach says:

Lol looks like an old geezer now

Mason B. says:

Tiger is the GOAT.

Jonny Goodrich says:

Glad you're back even if it's sporadic! I can't get enough TIGER time thur-sun! 2018 lets get it!

Spencer Brizendine says:

….andddd now HE’S BACK

Rescued By Mary says:

Tiger Woods never was a golfer.

Tiger is an athlete…


Max C says:

Tiger just doesn’t know how to talk. And I don’t blame the guy. He is a golfer not an articulate guy. Either you lose your sight or hearing. In this case it’s safe to say that he lost his hearing. Hitting a golf ball has nothing to do with life in general. Not by a long shot.

smart water says:

Golf is the best and the most difficult sport in the world

MP R says:

So what if he's balding? He STILL stacks paper to the moon and gets all the ho's he wants.

Ian Ford says:

It's weird watching this right after his 1998 interview with Larry King.

Reuben Ahmed says:

jaws bite tiger in back of neck but leave tooth in for interview cuz boss

Catkay900 says:

Problem is Woods is 100% Uncle Tom, blacks detest him. Whites ridicule he's need to be White.

Mike Davalos says:

Tiger woods be the realest in a shirt an two shoes

Rent To Own Rent To Own says:

qwedc1000….absolutely right….and to add to that…he married the wrong woman….a hoe…former model. That was destined to fail.

Seth Morgan says:

Even in this interview he looks like he is in pain. That back was killing him just sitting in that chair. You can hear him breathing hard because he's in pain.

Koncept Media Group says:

This is not the real Tiger Woods. listen when he talks about his dad


Tiger is a fuckin douche

Clare Logue says:

The greatest,golfer, is the greatest disappointment….

Paul Shaddix says:

other things in your life…bimbos and blues(pill form) let u not forget fake face…… so high on drugs moonwalking..

Z says:

It's a good thing Scott did this interview via satellite. His nose would be way too deep in his ass for his questions to be audible. Challenge this phony nerd to answer a real question, and cut the act.

Stacey Renee' says:

All Tiger needs is Our Savior Jesus Christ…then he could ride off into the Beautiful Sunset completely fulfilled in this life. Because right now his soul seems confused and unsettled. Definitely one of the greatest golfers ever!!

Stacey Renee' says:

I wish I could introduce Tiger to The Greatest Ever….Jesus Christ!! I believe that's all that's missing life!!

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