Tiger Woods goes long on the range | 2018 PGA Championship

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Shingen Fujiwara says:

Go Tiger……

Jordan Lebow says:

He's just practicing for god's sake.

Analytics Andrew says:

Breed is doing a great job commentating this pga championship.

Also, that dispersion pattern is insane. 250 carry 2 iron that has better placement then my 80 yard wedge ?

Anthony Wilson says:

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ipmala says:

Glad to see that Tiger has *slimmed down* and is looking much better—-and more FLEXIBLE. Not as *muscular.* I know for a while he was bodybuilding* with HEAVY weights. Thank God he got rid of his last "swing coach" ….Shaun Foley. That guy totally FUCKED UP Tiger's swing. I hope Tiger wins again.


tensi white is like a 100g shaft,

difference of a pro and Joe is science. Joe out there with a soft tip , non pured shaft, bad hosel, non loft and lie adjusted club.

but, it looks just like the one tiger is using ????????

Yusuke Tsukatani says:

Iron distance is too great!

Imua Imua says:

Tiger has def lost weight yep I can tell, but I think thats good for him; I dont think that can hurt his game thats for sure.

Thevidz says:

i was right behind him on the deck

Baumann Johannes says:

Has his walking changed due to his back operations? He walks a littly blocked?

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