TIGER WOODS – Golf Clinic – (Part 1 of 5) [Full HD]

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Hank Stone says:

Well, it certainly has been quite a run for Eldred Woods. He’s won a lot
of golf tournaments and, certainly a lot of money (deservedly so); however,
I believe history will forgive him for his profanities, his digressions,
his cheating (on and off the course), his pomposity, inability to accept
blame, and his tenuous moral character. So, his distinction will be
remembered in a special group of athletes; those that were great in their
respective sport, but morally challenged. In fact, I believe Eldred is not
only in the top FIVE of dubious athletes; he is # 1 in my book as the most
despicable of all!

Only the following are less, less-dignified; # 2 is Tyrus Cobb, a baseball
gambler, spiker, racist, and maybe the most hated baseball player of all, #
3 goes to Barry Bonds, probably more disgraced than Cobb, but his offence
is singular, and # 4 goes to Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tour de
France events, all the while juiced on performance enhancing drugs, # 5 is
a tie between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who together amassed more home
runs in single-seasons than anyone else before by injected steroids into
their bodies to become inhuman and perfect examples of egotistical and
narcissistic behavior.

eamo2020 says:

awesome HD

Jetball74 says:

He is still the man. Period.

princeshooter says:

he is just simply spectacular

DeniroPacinoDeppJoaq says:

not bad quality but this is better: watch?v=_h8eX3WJCas

FreshGreenzz says:

this is some awesome HD man

Coventrey says:

That’s a fairly common name, no? Any suggestions where to contact him?

highlivingaruba says:

Laugh OUT LOUD did he just call tiger anal!?!? 😉

RES1ST0R says:

who gives a shit if he fucked a couple women, that has nothing to do with
golf. maybe the other golfers should start banging strippers so they can
golf as good as tiger. everyone get the fuck out of his personal life, he
isn’t the fucking president!!

MrSkoobydrew says:

There is a reason that this video has 28.265 views and no dislikes.

MrCrazyman192 says:

He may have done wrong to his wife but it’s not our business really and it
doesn’t change the fact that he is an amazing golfer with special talent

Coventrey says:

What’s this music? It’s an original score but anyone know by who??

Rob Atkinson says:

lol,full HD,my fricking arse

ellis505 says:

world war 3 with golf great idea

jhaley12 says:

Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, this is the way men should battle each other not
with weapons.

edmund kim says:

He also likes to be in control. Don’t forget that.

nickdaveygiant says:

cool beginning

Steven Velappan says:

The music is by a composer named chris elliott. If you contact him he may
send it to you.

mauricio zamora says:

he is just the best golfer ever, no dude¡

rubyprojects says:

check my putting skills out with the gopro!!! not even tiger woods could
sink this!!! watch?v=kCNj_3AUOi0&feature=channel_video_title

metalhead6242 says:

That guy who said that Tiger was “anal” may have heard that from a few of
Tiger’s mistresses.

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