Tiger Woods Golf Kids Clinic at Legends of Golf 2018

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Tiger Woods kicks off the Legends of Golf Tournament with a free Kids Clinic! We had a blast with this and we hope you all enjoy it, here!

Let us know what you like about it down below!

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Chance06Se says:

Wait wait don't leave I promise you want to stay for the fishing tips!!!

Jason Kind says:

If he don't get that cocky confidence back and the belief that he can hit any shot at any time he'll never win another tournament that's my opinion this nice guy Tiger Woods will never win a tournament

Shadowed Christian says:

Christian Avery

Shadowed Christian says:

I was at this clinic.

Jacob Felsing says:

No no no… it's wiger toods

allpro750 says:

Did bill dance give out his phone number at the end?

Joe C. says:

19 holes in 1 holy !

Sagar Bhakta says:

Drive a ball into the audio guys mouth.

Enhance! says:

Turn his friggin' mic on already!

Me Too says:

These kids just love him…and every man there wants to be him
I thought for sure he was going to happy Gilmore it at the end
Kids could care less about the fishing lol me too I'm out

bobthebuilder says:

stop saying buddy

Arsene Wenger says:

These kids has no idea how lucky they are to be able to watch him play this close. I would die to see him play one day.

supaman321123 says:

Amazing to see all of the cell phones pulled out. Kids can't even enjoy something anymore without wanting to get it on their snap chats first. smh

Theo Bessman says:

I feel sorry for Bill Dance

John Garren says:

The best to ever do it. Never be another like him. 4 majors still to come!!

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