Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis: ONE Downswing Move

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Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis: ONE Downswing Move (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

If you have ever had troubles starting your downswing, this video will give you one key move to help you significantly. In this video we will take a look at Tiger Woods golf swing and show you a movement he makes for the perfect transition. Master this move and your swing will become much more efficient.

Good luck on your golf game!
Clay Ballard

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“Tiger Woods Golf Swing”

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis: ONE Downswing Move

  1. Woods has a fabulous transition..it is driven by a beautiful left side
    downswing beginning. He starts it with a wonderful slide of his left knee
    towards the target. That sets the club at the top beautifully..But you also
    need to watch his stunning one piece takeaway and gorgeous hip
    rotation….He stores up his potential energy to the top of his swing and
    then releases maximum kinetic at impact on target line.

  2. May I suggest you change the word ankle to INSTEP. The reason for that is
    that most amateurs will hear “ankle” and set their weight TOO FAR back in
    both feet at address and with their back swing on the right foot heel. If
    they do that they will end up getting stuck on their right side or falling
    backwards slightly at impact and follow through and that is WRONG and will
    NEVER produce solid contact shots that are on correct swing path with a
    square club face….Just a suggestion!

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