Tiger Woods Golf Swing Changes 2006 vs. 2013

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Tiger Woods Golf Swing Changes 2000 vs. 2013 (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

It has been the talk of a lot of Tiger Woods fans. What is Tiger's best golf swing. Many are fans of the 2000 golf swing, that allowed Tiger to win 4 majors in a row. Although he has greatly eliminated the large blocks that often plagued him in his early career.

In this video we will take a look at what exactly the biggest changes of Tigers swing have been and how these will change or improve his ball striking. So you be the judge. Who wins? Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, or Sean Foley?

I look forward to working with you on your golf game.

Clay Ballard

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Blaine Taylor says:

This is crazy. Tiger’s swing with every other coach was better than the
swing he and Foley have come up with. The biomechanics of Tiger’s new swing
are gross. Have you seen how bad he is with his driver? He can’t find the
fairway and has no idea where the ball is going. He looks so tied up or
“stalled” at the impact position in the new swing. On the other hand, he
may be a bit more behind the ball in the old swing but why is that a bad
thing? Also, with his new swing his spine angle has to change so much from
the address position to the impact position because he starts in such a
bent over or “stacked” position. Look at the spine angles of all the old
legendary golfers like Nicklaus and Snead and whoever else you can think
of. Their spine angles are consistent and do not change as drastically as
Tiger’s does with his new swing. He obviously is not as good with this new
swing as he was with his old swing regardless of all the injuries he’s had
lately. Being bent over with your hands in a lower position at address is
not a good thing, it’s simple biomechanics. When you start in that terrible
position you are creating more variables that will obstruct solid contact
of the golf ball. If you notice any impact position of any golfer you will
see that the arms and shaft of the club almost form a straight line.
Completely the opposite of the address position Tiger is using in his
current swing. Why not start in taller address position with the arms more
on the same plane as the golf club. 

realchimera says:

this guy is full of nonsense, especially when talking about amateur Tiger’s
swing, making golf swing even more complicated for beginners.

gobat111 says:

The swing on the right is the Haney swing, not the swing from 2000. 

Blaine Buhr says:

Tigers swing with Haney was the best hands down check it out.

Aaron Wagner says:

2000’s: Tiger wins. 2010’s: Tiger doesn’t win. Which swing should Tiger

Sandwah says:

More stacked, more down the line, less body rotation, and cannot break an

Evan Hejmanowski says:

I couldn’t even get past the talk about his “swaying.” You kidding me??
Tiger Woods does not/did not sway. He rotates about as perfectly around his
spine as is possible. The reason he “moves” so much farther from the left
ankle line in the Haney has nothing to do with swaying. He just turns. When
you rotate an ellipse (which is roughly the shape around one’s chest/torso)
about a central axis it will appear to shrink in toward the axis when
viewed from a horizontal perspective, as in the video. He doesn’t actually
move away from that line at all. Its only because the lines are further
apart based on his stance does any illusion of him moving away from it
occur. I mean, draw a box around his head and it does not move laterally
even an inch!

I will grant that because of his wider stance in the Haney era that he had
to shift further left during the transition than at present, but its not
like it’s had any noticeable effect on his driving.

Shaun McEwen says:

Tiger hit more blocks and hooks with the Foley swing. Failed attempt, bring
back the vintage philosophy.

david skinner says:

with all do respect, your analogies don’t make much sense. his footwork is
terrible with the new swing. the driver face is severely de-lofted which
is not good for consistency or power. you should transfer weight to make
power. it’s an athletic move. boxers don’t stay “stacked” to throw a
punch. batters don’t stay static to hit a ball. you transfer weight to
provide power. same thing when you throw a ball, you don’t stand there.
you move into it. otherwise you have no power or accuracy. this “stacked”
teaching is “bs”. Tiger need’s to open up his left foot at address, well
towards the target, and play with a flexed knee through impact. he needs
to swing the club back and up, not around and up, more down the line to
take advantage of his natural height and width. it’s no coincidence, that
as he has moved away from his “natural” more upright swing and gotten into
a more rotary type swing he has continued to struggle and regress. and he
will continue to do so more and more because he is “fighting” his real and
authentic swing. all these teachers with their methods make the game
harder. unless he abandons this ridiculous line of teaching he is doomed
to struggle and fail. and winning the same tournament over and over
doesn’t count. not for this guy….

God of War says:

I can already see Tiger’s hands are too far forward at impact with his
driver in 2013. He was almost perfect at impact in 2006 <0:27> If Tiger
was swinging a long iron that would be idea but not with the driver imho.

Andrew Jackson says:

The only problem is 2000 Tiger destroys 2013 Tiger. Most of it is in his
mind but still too much messing around with 20 plus years of repetition.
Sure Fred Couples destroyed his back but it was worth. Also crossing at the
top like Fred and Tiger did helps wit da powa!!

Cameron Lippoldt says:

Say what you want but he was far more successful with haney and Butch

Grant Hooper says:

for guys called “rotary” boy am i disappointing. what do you do with your
hips when you pivot and skip a rock or throw an under arm pitch? come on.
cause and effect. there isnt enough motion….. tiger doesnt have as much
rotary action because of this. this certainly isnt sneed. its not woodland
and its not dustin. its not even old hogan. because of restricting his hips
and staying forward….he only has so much he can turn…. he runs out, and
he jumps and stalls more than he used to…. he slides forward off the
proverbial “chai line” and he rolls his hands a bit more. now look…. its
one way of doing it. not denying that. but if we are talking about pure
rotary, this simply is not rotational. for pros especially, having less
range of motion left on the way down is not a good thing and leads to a
stall, and sometimes flippyness. you see arnold stacked but he had way more
rotary action in the backswing. hogan did. sneed did. tiger used to. lets
at least agree on one thing. it isnt as powerful. it i believe with the
tough competition, that extra 20 tiger had in the tank was one of the
things that made him dominant. he hit it straight too….

chris taylorgang says:

that’s because tiger woods died n was replaced by a clone look it up on
google it will show a comparison and his ears changed

63Bueno says:

I think 0:27 is the most telling frame in this video..Look how much more ON
TOP of the ball Tiger is in his new swing…No wonder he’s compressing it
so much more and has his distance back from the late 90′, early
2000’s…more lag too in the new move..

Tedwards Scott says:

Cheers Clay, appreciated

steve Fowler says:

Interesting…His “old” swing looks almost exactly like Jack’s swing in the
early 60’s.

Pondbear swilley says:

Did the knee stress start with Harmon, or was it a product of being so
across the line?

reyhan griffin says:

I am 14 years and I am really trying to create more lag and distance
.Please help me to hit my drives far and piercing irons

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

He gets a little too much lag and forward shaft lean at impact in his new
swing sometimes. That is why he often over compresses shots and gets varied
distances. He has a great swing, both now and then. He does get very tilted
forward from his torso in the downswing now, which steepens the plane. As
you mentioned, this creates a steeper angle of attack. This does allow for
straighter shots though. It seems like he is more concerned with direction
than distance control. ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

I would imagine it started when he was young and his lower body was very
over active. You can do a move incorrectly for years and not get injured
until later down the road. He could still get injured today, even with
better technique. The risk is less the more efficiently you move though.
~Clay Ballard

Scott Yessner says:

The key themes and analysts in this video are great . What are insights to
the steepness of the 2013 swing and some less consistent trajectory and
distance he has experienced with his short irons.? What adjustments would
Recommend to flatten out this swing?

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

the nike commercial is not a bonda fide swing: he swung that club really
really slow. like slow motion in real life. it’s not a good reference point.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

You can do it Reyhan! I would start with the free Rotary Swing membership.
Click the link in the description. There is a lot of great information on
how to get you started with a fantastic swing in there. It won’t cost you
anything. Good Luck!! I will see you soon on the site! ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

That is true. He was only swinging about 70%. You can check his mechanics
against his real swing of the time. They are nearly Identical. ~Clay Ballard

GoPro5 says:

That’s a good example of the stress placed on his left knee with his older
swing. I remember how fast he used to clear his hips in the 90’s too.

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Thanks for the note Tedwards. I accidentally said the wrong date in the
video. I have changed the error in the title and in the description. ~Clay

reyhan griffin says:

can you give me a tip to transfer my weight to the left coming down. I feel
I am not doing it right

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Click the link for the free video in the weight shift video I released in
the last couple of weeks. This is the best drill for transferring weight.
It is call the “Shift weight left before the downswing starts” video on the
site. Or the step drill. Good Luck!! ~Clay Ballard

RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

Haha, if I could give it all away for free, I would!His old swing was still
fantastic. Just pointing out a few small changes he made. Both are very
nice swings. ~Clay Ballard

akaBPhife says:

You know as flawed as his old swing was THAT was the phenom known as Tiger!
BTW you’re still killing me with this video rerouting gig 🙂 But thanks for
the breakdown gave me a couple ideas to try.

Tedwards Scott says:

The swing on the right is 2006, Hank Haney swing… It is NOT 2000 which
would be Harmon swing

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