Tiger Woods Golf Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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GoodManlife Energy says:

He try to get accuracy but the club shaft is bending so he got the attention?

Austin Garrett says:

Looks like he is swinging with my alignment stick lol

BreakingFuse says:

When he swings forward, it looks like he is putting so much force that he is trying to beat someone with that club :L

parkyjjb says:

mother fuckers got bend on that driver on the upswing,,,omg,,127mph club head speed,,any direction / curve he wants,,,,,HoW???

tigerbalm says:

Is that a senior flex?  No way my X-stiff would bend like that!

table7 says:

In order for me to explain the shaft bend @ 33, you must first look at his transition (down swing).  Go to 27.  Here we see Tiger at the top of his back swing (energy is stored throughout his body).  In 28, this is called the transition.  In a fraction of a second, he starts to shift his weight to his left.  Next, we see his SEQUENCE.  A correct sequence in a golf swing starts with the HIPS.  If you notice in frames 27-29, his upper body is holding at the same angle.  Now look at his hips, it is the first thing that starts to release this stored energy.  That energy, travels up his body to his TORSO as he begins to release in frame 30.  Now the energy that was stored in his hips AND his torso, are traveling through his arms at frame 31.  Notice the almost 90 degree angle that he has in his arms and club shaft.  HOLDING that angle is KEY to get enormous power out of your swing (its called LAG most golfers have already released that energy by this point, resulting in a slower swing speed and less power).  In frame 32, he is STILL HOLDING THAT ANGLE!  All that energy has been transferred into his HANDS.  At 33, Tiger has "released the club" and ALL THAT ENERGY HAS TRANSFERRED INTO THE SHAFT AND IS TRAVELING TO THE HEAD OF THE CLUB.  This, my friends, is what causes the club to bend.  There is a term used for this whole explanation, Centrifugal Force.  Beautiful swing.

Matt Martin says:

+Darek Kunecki he said "and he's teeing it up"

BP says:

That's more of the camera not keeping up with the speed than the club actually flexing that much.

MrHman33 says:

Nice and steady. That's how it's done.

jgzero18 says:

I'm 5' 3" and hit it average 250-60. but I also hit it straight 90% of the time with a mid-low flight. It all depends on knowledge of the correct golf swing

JMakahaFitz says:

What kind of ball flight do you want to play? If you are trying to hit a straight ball you will never be consistant. If you see Tiger live, he aims way, way left. Perfect "your" swing, then look at your shaft. You may need a stiffer flex. You have a heck of a swing if you hit it 300+., tour pros do not hit it that long. The average golfer hits it 200 yards. Either open your stance and perfect a fade, or close your stance and perfect a draw. Get some lessons from a local pro.

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