Tiger Woods: Golf’s Trailblazer

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Players recall the accomplishments of Tiger Woods and he has contributed to the game, and how he brought athletics to a new generation of professional golfers.


Christian Cunningham says:

Tiger may be a scumbag.
But he’s my favorite scumbag.
Hell, I like him more than his non-scumbag cohorts.
Shoot, he’s the dude.

Jancen says:

without Tiger, golf will be boring to watch

Gavin Mawson says:

What book was Jason Day talking about? 3:06 

63Bueno says:

The Micky….Hes won 5 times this year and he was player of the
year….Heres a clue, watch any professional tour(mini tours included) and
you wont see much difference between any of the players physically and
skills wise…They can all hit the same shots.. Tiger is so special b/c his
mind is so much better than everyone else’s, on top of his physical traits

Paul EJ says:

Teetoo???…FUCK OFF IDIOT!!!


What a Uncle Tom tiger woods is! This cheating sex pervert thought he was
above the law.

teetoo labalaba says:

golf ..BORING!!!!

Paul EJ says:

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time…He has beaten EVERY single
thing that Nicklaus has done bar 18 professional majors.
He won 3 consecutive US Junior Amateurs …Jack did NOT do that
He won 3 consecutive US Amateurs….Jack did not do that
He was fastest to 10 majors
Youngest by near 4 years to win the “career grand slam”
He was fastest to 10,20,30,40,50,60,70 and soon 80 USPGA Tour victories.
Even Nicklaus admits that Tiger plays a game that he is “totally unfamiliar
with!”……..If Tiger had played in the same era as Jack…Jack would have
been lucky to have won 10 majors…because he won a lot of his majors by
scoring par over the last 9 holes with his opponents crumbling over the
same holes….If he had been playing against Tiger, he would have found
himself 2-3 shots back because Tiger did NOT and does not, crumble.. He was
usually 2-3 under for the last 9 on Sunday…Check out how many of Tigers
great CLUTCH shots were made when he was and is playing in his “Sunday Red
When Tiger has brought or now brings his best game…. NO ONE has ever or
will beat him!!!!

Austin Hammond says:

By the way, a couple hours ago, tiger played terrible and took 6th place.
By the way, tiger has won 14 majors to phil’s 5.

jptDrEaMeR says:

great video.

John M says:

You truly are a champion, bringing the game to another level, like Federer
has done in tennis after Sampras. I hope you will get your 18-19 Majors you
deserve it.

Zug75 says:

y is it always 301+ views for every new vid?

mikejonp says:

Its a shame that you don’t let people when you back? He went to his “sex
therapy”, he suffered many years on and off the field, and has come back
with a nice attitude and fantastic play. He and Lindsey are happy together.
What’s the point of people trying to better themselves if we don’t accept
their work to do so? No one is saying he is perfect.

SHAMPAIN1872 says:

Greatest golfer the world has ever seen!

Aman Ailani says:

The reason I started golf, nobody will ever be better.

Austin Achter says:

hahahaha you have obviously not heard many stories about Phil then. He was
just pouting on Thursday about how much he hated the course course at

allanTC1948 says:

Go watch netball.

TheMicky53 says:

And practically every time I watch a PGA tourney, Tiger looks like just
another golfer on the course. I’ve obviously missed his prime time.

GrandmasterN says:

The best player deserves to win. Not the nices person!

mikejonp says:

Baller and true.

DJR0633 says:

He is the best to ever play the game.


The reason I wake up at 2am or so to watch golf.. I never watch any
tournament with no Tiger in its list. Go Tiger!

Steven Bromage says:

And what has his private life got to do with weather hes the best golfer
ever or not??? Tiger is the best thing to ever happen to golf, and if you
asked any player on tour they would almost always say Tiger made golf
better. Anyway what did tiger do that was so bad? There is alot and i mean
ALOT of people out there who do worse things than tiger has ever done.

John Morshuis says:


windmillvillage says:

So Mickelson moving to Callaway so they would pay of his $15 Mil gambling
debts is a good example to kids. What Tiger does off the course is
questionable, but what he does on the course is a perfect example to anyone
who wants to be the best at what they do

jpracingph says:

Every Pro golfer. Including woods.

Steven Bromage says:

Tiger not only made pros want to be better, he made people like me and you
want to start playing golf aswell. So a big THANK YOU to Eldrick Tiger

Alexander Pollock says:

0:18 to 0:24. Boy, did he call it. In 18 months, I’m sure he will have
matched or beaten 82 wins.

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