Tiger Woods' greatest escapes on the PGA TOUR

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Throughout his career, Tiger Woods' golf ball has found some interesting places and lies on the course and more often than not, he pulls off an amazing shot. Check out the best of these escapes on the PGA TOUR (excluding majors).

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Steve says:

That shot from the bush at 3:25. Otherworldly.

Ro Saifoloi says:

Greatest escapes from his ex…

tragic princess says:

Tiger haters on the Golf Channel hear this: Tiger Woods is the best ever to play the game- not of his era- EVER to play the game. We all know it. YOU might as well start saying it. Oh, wait, you're waiting for Jack Nicklaus to bless you, first.

Bill Lopez says:

He’s the best period

Abraham Lave says:


Abdel Ferah says:

C'est un génie ! C'est un génie ! Pur et simple que Dieu a créé !

John White says:


hankakah says:

That's the reason we watch Tiger, it's because he's the best scrambler in the history of golf. For almost 4 decades, we have seen him get into trouble, and where most shots would be to save bogey , he's going for birdies. Tiger's shots are my top 10 in golf ever! It's because he's doing them when the game is in the balance, the lead is in jeopardy, when you need clutch shots, he pulls them off. His shot at 03:22 moved into my top 10 shots all time, when he's on his knees, he's hitting left handed, he picks the ball with the follow through hitting the dirt , giving the ball loft..and he manages to get it within a few feet of the hole? I do not think anyone else would have been able to do that shot!

l Lady G says:

Oh my….Tiger Woods ????

dezzie50 says:

he must of made some kind of pact with the devil!!

kepler240 says:

If tiger hadn't been hurt, he'd of won 30 majors.

kepler240 says:

2:15 is unbelievable

sfneurosurgeon says:

0:20 if that had been me the gallery on the left would get hurt.

敬天愛人 says:

He IS THE artist and engineer. Agree.

Captpicard says:

In years to come when they talk about the Legend of Tiger Woods 2 shots will always be played:- that shot from the fairway Bunker and the chip on 16 at the Masters??

Dave Cooke says:

Nobody can do that time after time,but tiger

Dylan Walsh says:

"When did you practice that one?" Lmao

mebeingU2 says:

“Like that’s?!” Wow!

Nick Shelton says:

Just simply the ?

Christian1125 says:

Why is his hat on backwards in the first clip?

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