Tiger Woods highlights – HD

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TheSzyszken says:


Simon Maldonado says:

What’s the song called?

Hank Stone says:

Wait, what about all the whores he banged? At least ONE of those should
have been in the “top 10.”

Well, it certainly has been quite a run for Eldred Woods. He’s won a lot
of golf tournaments and, certainly a lot of money (deservedly so); however,
I believe history will forgive him for his profanities, his digressions,
his cheating (on and off the course), his pomposity, inability to accept
blame, and his tenuous moral character. So, his distinction will be
remembered in a special group of athletes; those that were great in their
respective sport, but morally challenged. In fact, I believe Eldred is not
only in the top FIVE of dubious athletes; he is # 1 in my book as the most
despicable of all!

Only the following are less, less-dignified; # 2 is Tyrus Cobb, a baseball
gambler, spiker, racist, and maybe the most hated baseball player of all, #
3 goes to Barry Bonds, probably more disgraced than Cobb, but his offence
is singular, and # 4 goes to Lance Armstrong, winner of seven Tour de
France events, all the while juiced on performance enhancing drugs, # 5 is
a tie between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who together amassed more home
runs in single-seasons than anyone else before by injected steroids into
their bodies to become inhuman and perfect examples of egotistical and
narcissistic behavior.

takeyourbrainchipp says:

the Pro

Ross Vasquez says:

xx intro gopro was meant for this video 

Humphrey Yang says:

Great highlight compilation!!!!!

Alex Harris says:

Not allowed in America. Can someone please send me an mp4 download or

ricky100593 says:

awesome video

Madison Young says:

Best Tiger Woods video I’ve seen.

Brandon Joshua says:

shut the fuck up

Tanguy Le Gourrierec says:

Thank you man!

yokypjytk says:

One of the best Tiger woods Videos. Great job man

Tristan Blevins says:

This video sends chills down my spine every time I watch it. Fantastic.

MrGolferRyan says:

Mean video, you spelt “Golfer” wrong, there is no u in it.

Tanguy Le Gourrierec says:

More vidéos ?

Mattias Kärveman says:

Nice Video! The one and only Tiger Woods 🙂

gsclubv12 says:

well put together.

2blown2know says:

Sorry jack idc how many majors you have tiger is the greastest golfer of
all time even if he doest beatj your majors record

Tanguy Le Gourrierec says:

Man sorry but i am not english, i am french and i little speak english.

Leo Baskin says:

Crazy clip. Amazing video. My dad had been a fatty. He went from 284 lbs of
fat to 213lbs of total lean muscle mass. I became stunned. I just
subscribed personally because I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building
Bible (Google it)…

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