Tiger Woods (His Majors Part 1)

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Andrew Barker says:

This music is epic.

Jim Strehl says:

that piano is one of the best music ever. fits in with tiger woods

stevefromPA2 says:

I dont care if Tiger never wins again…I got to see argueable the best
golfer ever play during my life time…that makes up for never see in
Byron, Hogan, Palmer etc in their prime…

Bradley Bobo says:

When he won the Masters in 97′ by some 12 strokes, I remember watching it
on television, and thinking to myself as he walked down 18, that may have
been the greatest cumulative 4 rounds of golf I have ever seen, surely he
can’t seperate himself any further from the competition. That is until I
watched the U.S. Open in 2000, I believe it was then I realized we may
never see another individual dominate a sport like Tiger was doing at that
time. His records are like those of Gretzky or Chamberlain.

Ray Mitchell says:

He brought golf up a level – brought in another level of athletic golfers
and made the game more than it was during Jack’s and Arnie’s time. He’s not
done yet.


@golfvideoanalysis I will bet you a grand he will win another major. He
only has to hit his B game once in the next 10 years and its done.


He is not done at all -13 at Bridgestone after two rounds a week before the
PGA. The detractors dont get it. He is world number 1. Because he still
plays overall consistentlt better than anyone else. He just has to find
that form in the right time slots a few times over the next 7 years and he
will be close if not equal to Jacks 18. Remember his closest rival
MIckleson only has 5 and is 43. Thats all u have to consider.

beatty1671 says:

Totally agree. What is it called?

GolfVideoAnalysis says:

Yet failed to reach Jones or Nicklaus… And no, he will not win another

Ryan Neuberger says:

eeehh!!!! Wrong.

Gobopoop says:

@stevefromPA2 Can’t agree with you more! 🙂

Patrick Carmody says:

what is the song at the start? up to 1:15

piffpete420 says:

Biggest rush besides 10 whores in your bed.

beatty1671 says:

Know the song name?

h3wlett says:

I truly hope he get’s his game back!

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