Tiger Woods I 2019 What's In The Bag? Golf Monthly

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► In this Tiger Woods 2019 What's in the bag video, Neil Tappin takes an in-depth look at the clubs being used by Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour in 2019

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Robert Solachnek says:

Hi,it’s amazing how many will say win with no chance to do so,maybe on the senior tour.what he did opened the game ,like always time for the young to shine,350y drive in the fairway that’s what he’s looking at today on every hole no chance that he can do that.thank you

griffen gallant says:

he has the sim's

adamolli 9 says:

Tiger seems to have a 44 degree 2 iron

christopher simbulan says:

Graphite or steel?

Nigelrathbone1 says:

No one wants to listen to this Brit talk about Tiger’s equipment. If I knew it was him and not Tiger I wouldn’t click the youtube link

Ocean Breeze says:

You forgot his tees, golf bag, shoes, marker and glove? Disappointing.

dariusz warwas says:

yo , what grip .what waight of the grip what size what is the lenght of his clubs ? . wht swing waight ? you talkig shit only .

Caleb Nelson says:

His iron degree range is 22.5 to 49, (3 to PW). He doesn’t need a gap wedge because he has a traditional PW, or one within 1 degree of being traditional anyways.

John McDavid says:

He will definitely win the Masters lol

Stephen Pearson says:

That 2 iron looked like a wedge

wally says:

In depth? What BS, you don't even give the club lengths of his woods. Do you even know the meaning of "in depth".

Bernard says:

Sounds like you are having a cold Neil

ProfessorCockrum says:

Tiger, you've changed

Sam Dyer says:

Should be titled "what does tiger woods have in his golf bag with some white guy" i guess we will just take this random guy at his word that all of this is accurate instead of hearing it from tiger fkn woods… idiot

Adit Ahluwalia says:

He was talking about 2 iron but pulled a pitching wedge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

upeksha gamage says:

All so same set

37bowtrain says:

Don’t know if you have any control over ads but crickey. Barely halfway into your intro BOOM ad. Start with an ad or during a natural break but not 1:32 in. I mean the middle of a sentence about tiger’s driver. Goodness. Boo.

stormzy aoe says:

I have the same putter grip on my putter and even with 3 hole in ones that is my biggest achievement 😂

Cross Country Outdoors says:

I think he will win at Pebble this year.

Nolan Locke says:

Tiger won 13 of the 14 majors with the Scotty. He didn’t have it when he won the 97 Masters .
Great vid though

Mpi Group says:

It's March 30th 2019 and I truly believe that Tiger will win the Masters this year.

Jon A says:

Nike better get with long club development lol i never liked any Nike driver except the first adjustable vrs

Djkichizo/ Stuff says:

i actually think the tour xs is more of higher spinning ball comparable to the tp5. i switched to this ball and havent noticed much distance gain or loss. wedge game and putting i noticed the biggest gain in advantage. i dont think it really feels as soft as a prov1 not as hard as an x or any of the x type golf balls so its a nice inbetween ball. i did noticed its a little shorter off the tee with driver compared to tp5x. highly recommend the ball for players looking to stop the ball on their carry yardage.

Michael Wilber says:

He definitely used the old putter yesterday

Wm S says:

I enjoy these….I'm a 10 handicap….not great but 80-84 scores….hit in 70's occasionally……best thing that ever happened to my game was having my irons custom fit for me….wow!!! Knocks 5 strokes immediately!!

Wm S says:

Gosh I just don't see another major this year….but in the next 3-4 years (prob more like 2-3) he'll pass Jack. I think he just needs to continue to heal, and workout, and come up with different game plan, more fairways n greens, putter is there, just rusty.

James Postlethwaite says:

tigers wedges dont rust, hes said that he swaps them about 7 times every 10 tournaments.

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