Tiger Woods’ iconic 1997 Masters victory

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Tiger Woods’ 12-shot victory at the 1997 Masters was a captivating moment in golf history. The 21-year-old phenom shattered multiple scoring records on his way to his first career green jacket.

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james doe says:

I was 16 and was there working at a concession stand under tents in ‘97. Been there numerous times and the place now has dramatically changed!

azapro911 says:

Greatest major championship performance ever, until he topped it at the 2000 U.S. Open.

Victoria Jarvis says:

By golly, he did it!

Justin Wilson says:

A 12 shot victory is absolutely insane.

william woodmark says:

Who is here after he just won The masters??

haliwud24 says:

00:47 If that guy walking through as Tiger was watching his putt happened today that would be that last we'd see of him.

Albert edmond says:

Now 2019 still the ?

Breezy 305 says:

?????????? love u tiger got me into golf.

Michael Underwood says:

he's going for it. life comes full circle

rick96666 says:

That's the yr I decided to play golf…what a moment!

Don Kusai says:

40 on the first 9 and I thought that he was just another over rated media star……….. then he shot 30 on the back…….. he made my day

kristian nodland says:

what did you do when tiger won his first major?

Javier Heras says:

Seriously? So you let Tiger speak about his 4 foot winning putt at Augusta but you show (2:49) a random putt at another tournament… If you don't have the rights, simply use a photo, but don't fool us.

Chris L says:

shame we'll likely never see this from Tiger again

emotionalboy2003 says:

adam showing some age

SLO MO BRO Maurice says:

I was told there would be upvotes #wfmi-Ql1toU

Aaron Cole says:

I know the tour has sort of moved on from Tiger, but the majors, and specifically the masters, isn't the same without him…

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